NRG Top Odds to Win RLCS NA Regional Event 2

The second regional event of North America’s Rocket League Championship Series kicks off on April 8, with 20 of the best NA teams battling it out on the weekend over a $100,000 prize pool, as well as all-important championship series ranking points.

This event is set to be quite exciting, as Event 1 proved that North American Rocket League can be very unpredictable – favorite NRG bowed out in fifth to eighth place and underdog Rogue took the win. Will NRG come back and dominate, or will another underdog shine? We’ll have to wait and see.

If you’re new to Rocket League or just want to learn more about the game before placing a wager, make sure to check out our Rocket League guide, and let’s take an in-depth look at Regional Event 2 of the North American RLCS.

Who’s Playing at RLCS NA Regional Event 2?

We’re set to see all the usual faces at this event, from favorites like NRG, Envy and G2 Esports to underdogs Nefarious and sup, as well as up-and-comers like the Kansas City Pioneers and Version1. It’s a full house of all the best North American Rocket League stars.

Meanwhile, the event itself is a bit different from the standard. Teams first face off in four round-robin groups, with 16 advancing to a “knockout gauntlet.” This is essentially a mini double-elimination playoff, where the top eight advance to another single-elimination playoff that decides the eventual Sportsbook.

As you might expect, placing higher in each stage does have its benefits, as higher ranks are seeded against lower ranks as much as possible, so each game will matter.

Odds to Win RLCS NA Regional Event 2
Team Odds
NRG +325
Envy +450
G2 Esports +600
Rogue +600
SpaceSportsbook Gaming +600
Faze +900
Version1 +1200
Kansas City Pioneers +1500
Xset +2000
Susquehanna Soniqs +2500
eUnited +4000
Pittsburgh Knights +2000
Charlotte Phoenix +5000
Ghost Gaming +5000
Alpine +5000
72PC +6600
Nefarious +8000
sup +10000
Scuba Squad +10000
Stromboli +10000

Odds as of April 7 at Sportsbook

Can NRG Bounce Back From Shock Elimination in Event 1?

One of the biggest surprises of Event 1 of the Rocket League Championship Series regional events was NRG’s disappointing elimination at the hands of Susquehanna Soniqs in the top eight.

For those who haven’t been following Rocket League, NRG is the team to watch in North America. They’ve been essentially dominating the region since November, winning multiple minor events as well as the all-important North American Major back in February.

To see them dominated by underdogs at NA Regional Event 1 was a huge shock, and it will be interesting to see if the squad can bounce back from a very impactful loss.


Rogue Looks For Back-to-Back Trophies

While NRG crumbled, Rogue continued to build on their success and thrived at NA Regional Event 1. They took home first place in a very impressive playoffs run, taking down FaZe, G2 and the Kansas City Pioneers.

This was a continuation of strong performances that really came together at the North American Major. At the event, the team almost completed an incredible lower-bracket run, which saw Rogue go from being one round away from coming in last to being just two rounds away from winning in the grand finals against NRG.

Since then, Rogue has been in great form and finally getting a big win under their belts would have no doubt fired up the team even more. The question is: Can they keep up this level of play?

Could We See Another Underdog Run?

Honestly, Event 1 was full of surprises, from NRG’s shocking elimination to Rogue’s incredible win, and all the underdogs who made waves in between, and there were quite a few of those. The Kansas City Pioneers reached the final, Susquehanna Soniqs made the top four and Version1 was just a game away from eliminating G2 in the playoffs.

Considering these performances, it’s pretty safe to say that the underdogs do have some bite and I would very much expect them to make some noise once again at Event 2.

It’s difficult to say who will surprise this time around, although the aforementioned names are definitely worth keeping an eye on, as well as Xset, which managed a somewhat overlooked 3-0 vs Rogue in the groups.