NBA 2K20 Simulation Odds

NBA 2K20 Simulation Odds

The 2019-20 NBA season is still waiting to return on July 30, but the action on the hardwood is continuing virtually. With hoops bettors around the world collectively experiencing basketball withdrawal, one sportsbook is offering odds on daily NBA 2K20 simulations.

July 29 NBA 2K20 Simulation Odds

Toronto Raptors vs Denver Nuggets
Team Spread Moneyline OVER UNDER
Toronto Raptors -5.5 (-115) -240 102.5 (-115) 102.5 (-115)
Denver Nuggets +5.5 (-115) +175 102.5 (-115) 102.5 (-115)

Odds as of July 29 at Sportsbook

All-Time San Antonio Spurs vs All-Time Houston Rockets
Team Spread Moneyline OVER UNDER
All-Time San Antonio Spurs +7.5 (-115) +350 116.5 (-115) 116.5 (-115)
All-Time Houston Rockets -7.5 (-115) -550 116.5 (-115) 116.5 (-115)

Odds as of July 29 at Sportsbook

Brooklyn Nets vs Miami Heat
Team Spread Moneyline OVER UNDER
Brooklyn Nets -5.5 (-120) -240 101.5 (-120) 101.5 (-110)
Miami Heat +5.5 (-110) +175 101.5 (-120) 101.5 (-110)

Odds as of July 29 at Sportsbook

Starting on March 31, Sportsbook began running simulations each day for select matchups on the video game. The games are streamed through the Twitch channel nba2klivesims


Settings-wise, the games are played on Hall of Fame mode – the hardest mode available in NBA 2K20. That means bettors can expect to see tight defense and more coaching adjustments than a game simulated on an easier degree of difficulty. The games consist of six-minute quarters.

Madden 20, NHL 20 & FIFA 20 Streams are Also Available

In mid-March, Sportsbook started streaming Madden games daily through the Twitch channel livefootballsims. Like NBA 2K20, odds are out on potential outcomes, ranging from spreads, moneylines, totals and even odds on who will be the first touchdown scorer and the team to score first. To find out the odds for today’s football sims, head over to our Madden 20 Sims page.

In early April, the shop began doing NHL 20 streams three times per week, with a full array of odds on the board for each game. Our NHL 20 Sims article has everything you need to know to get some action on the (virtual) ice.

On May 4, the sportsbook entered the virtual soccer world by launching daily FIFA 20 simulations. Make sure you’re up to date on the video-game soccer matches by visiting our FIFA 20 sims article.

This article will be updated daily going forward with the odds on every basketball sim on the board. To learn more about wagering on sim sports, check out our How to Bet on Simulation Sports piece.