The ultimate guide of how to bet on Starcraft 2

How To Bet On Starcraft 2

Starcraft is one of the oldest competitive games out there and many even consider Starcraft 2 to be the first real esport. Although it was released in 2010, the game is still fairly popular and features a healthy esports scene, with a regular competitive circuit and tons of tournaments each year.

If you want to get in on some wagering action but have no idea where to start, then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s everything you need to know about Starcraft 2 betting.

Starcraft 2 Gameplay Basics

Starcraft 2 is a real-time strategy (RTS) game. This means that the game is centered around strategy at quite a fast pace and plays a bit like a war game. Players control one of three factions (Terran, Protoss or Zerg) and must build up their base to create an army, and then eliminate their opponents.

Betting and esports in Starcraft 2 is focused on the one-on-one element of the game and that’s what we’ll break down here. Matches are played between two players, usually in a best-of-three, best-of-five or best-of-seven format. This means that the first player to win two, three or four maps wins the match and you’ll generally see more maps played toward the end of tournaments – such as in the high-stakes playoff rounds.

When it comes to the actual gameplay, it can seem complicated at first since there are a few different elements to it; however, all that matters in the end is the last player left standing.

Each game starts with players picking one of the three factions, then a predetermined map. Once players load into the map, they start with just one building and a few “worker” units. They use these units to harvest resources, construct their base and eventually build up an army. The goal for each player is to destroy the other’s army or force them to concede.

Every Starcraft match is unique, with a ton of different strategies that players may employ, which can lead to unpredictability in both game duration and the result. A single game can be as short as five minutes or draw out into a lengthy brawl of 40 minutes or more. It all depends on which strategies are employed by the players and how well they manage to handle themselves.

Usually, you’ll see the players essentially play alone for the first few minutes, as they begin to build up their bases, then move into a tug of war. Both will attack and defend, with small skirmishes leading into full-scale army battles.

Eventually, one player will be able to gain the upper hand, either by defeating their opponent’s army or securing a key position and having the tactical lead going forward. They’ll then aim to use that advantage to secure an unlosable position.

Due to the nature of the game, very few matches actually see a base being fully destroyed and you’ll often see players concede after losing a key fight, units or buildings. This is because although they’re still technically in the game, losing these key resources puts the player at far too great a deficit. For example, if there is a huge battle and one player loses his entire army, while the other still has half of his army left, it’s very likely impossible for the losing player to build up enough forces to defend his base, so they would concede.

There are millions of different scenarios, strategies and specific details in the game, so it’s impossible to cover them all. However, this is the gist of it, and if you start following the game in detail and watching matches, you’ll be able to quickly recognize how a match is going.


Understanding Starcraft 2 Betting Odds

Most Starcraft 2 bets are no different from usual esport and even traditional sport wagers. They’re most commonly displayed in American odds, which are shown in relation to -100. The actual odds vary completely on a match-to-match basis and it all depends on who is playing.

You’ll usually see Starcraft 2 odds as numbers with either a minus (-) or a plus (+) sign followed by a number. For example, they may look something like this:

Serral -250


Mana +300

This means that Serral is the favorite, as there is a minus sign next to his name. The following number shows how much you would need to bet to win $100. In this example, betting $250 would net you an extra $100.

Meanwhile, Mana is the underdog, as he has a plus next to his name. The number then shows how much you’d win if you bet $100, so in this example, you’d win $300.

You can quickly see which player is the favorite and which is the underdog just by using the symbols, but keep in mind the numbers too. Sometimes, you may even see both players with a minus, which generally means the match is set to be very close.

Types of Starcraft 2 Bets

Starcraft 2 isn’t the most popular esport out there, so you may see limited selections compared to things like Counter-Strike or traditional sports. However, there are still quite a few selections, meaning you’ll be able to shake things up when you choose.


Moneyline wagers are the simplest bets out there. All you need to do for a moneyline bet is choose the eventual Sportsbook of a series. This means individual map score or anything else in between doesn’t matter, only the final result.

In Starcraft 2, this will vary from game to game. Most matches are played in a best-of-three format, meaning a player will have to win two games to win a match. However, extended series of best-of-five or even best-of-seven are common, so make sure to check the match length!



As mentioned above, most matches are played over multiple games, meaning you’re also able to wager on spreads.

Spreads, or handicaps, are wagers where you can essentially alter the final score. For example, if Serral is playing against Mana in a best-of-three match and is a -250 favorite, there isn’t too much money to be made from the bet without putting a lot in.

However, you could instead bet on a -1.5 spread for Serral at +100. This means that in your bet, Serral starts the game with a handicap of 1.5 maps and would have to win 2-0 for your wager to win. It is a riskier bet because it would bust if Serral loses one map, but the potential payout is much higher than a moneyline.


When it comes to Starcraft 2, totals are bets on how many games will be played in a match. If two players are facing off in a best-of-three match, they’ll always play either two or three games.

By wagering on a total, you can pick if you think there will be two or three games in the match. In this case, this would be represented by OVER or UNDER 2.5. Picking OVER 2.5 would mean backing the match to go to three games, while picking UNDER 2.5 would mean backing only two games being played.


Futures are very similar to moneyline bets, but they apply to a whole tournament or event. In Starcraft 2, they are usually only available before a tournament starts and allow bettors to pick an overall Sportsbook. It may look something like this:

Serral -110

Maru +150

Trap +375

Mana +600

You’ll usually be able to see options for each player participating at an event, starting with the favorite and going down in terms of likelihood to win. Even a big favorite may see high odds in a futures bet, as winning a tournament is no easy feat.

Prop Bets

Prop bets are wagers on specific match events that may not even affect the final outcome. Due to the nature of Starcraft 2, props are fairly limited, but you may still see a few options to bet on.

Starcraft 2 prop bets may look something like this:

Specific Map Sportsbook

Correct Map Score

Time For Your First Starcraft 2 Bet

Now that you understand the basics of Starcraft 2 and some of the many bets you can place, you are prepared to make your first wager. The next step is to make sure you are going to the right sportsbook to place your Starcraft 2 bet, which we have sorted out for you.

Once you find the best book for you, turn on some Starcraft, relax and watch the money flow in.