Odds to Win Valorant First Strike North America

Sentinels Faves to Win Valorant First Strike North America

Valorant esports action is kicking off in December, with the game’s first major tournament series set to take place all around the world. One of the most popular First Strike events will take place in North America, where the best Valorant players and even some legends from other esports will battle it out.

The event will kick off on December 3 and last just four days, ending on December 6. Teams will be fighting for the glory of winning the first major Valorant event, as well as a $100,000 total prize pool.

We’ll certainly see some of the most competitive Valorant games yet, and if you want to bet on the action, make sure to check out our guide to Valorant betting. Now, let’s take a look at all the teams competing.

Who’s Competing at Valorant First Strike North America?

Eight of North America’s best are set to battle it out at First Strike, which includes quite a few teams and players you might recognize from other esports. One of the biggest teams is no doubt Sentinels, who house ex-Overwatch world champion and MVP sinatraa, as well as notable CS:GO players Shazam and Sick.

We’ll also see huge organizations like 100 Thieves, FaZe Clan and T1, which feature some household Counter-Strike talent like Nitro and Skadoodle, two players who managed to reach the Sportsbook of the CS:GO world during their careers.

As you can see, it’ll be a star-studded event and despite the freshness of Valorant’s competitive scene, we’ll see quite a few esports veterans competing.

Odds to Win Valorant First Strike North America
Team Odds
Sentinels +200
Team Envy +240
100 Thieves +450
TSM +450
FaZe +900
T1 +1000
Immortals +1600
Renegades +1600

Odds as of November 30 at Sportsbook

Sentinels Look to Secure North American Crown

Valorant’s competitive scene may still be young, but that hasn’t stopped Sentinels from already becoming a legendary North American team.

The star-studded roster quickly became one of the best in America and they haven’t slowed down at all. Since finalizing their roster, Sentinels have finished in the top three at every single event they’ve played, including three wins and a second place in their last four non-qualifier events.

As such, they enter as the favorites, being by far the strongest and most consistent team. With the game being so young, it is a bit difficult to call a Sportsbook for any event, but Sentinels are definitely the ones to watch here, and a win would undoubtedly make them North America’s best.

Can Nitro Raise 100 Thieves to The Top?

100 Thieves definitely earn the title of most improved heading into First Strike. The team was decent when competition first sprang up, challenging the best to some degree but still ending up with middle-of-the-pack results.

However, with Nitro’s arrival, they’ve turned over a new leaf, and may even be one of the best in North America. They managed to defeat Sentinels and TSM in the First Strike qualifiers, earning themselves a spot at the event much earlier than expected.

Overall, 100 Thieves seem to improve with each match and as they’re able to further integrate CS:GO legend Nitro into their squad, they look to be a worthy opponent for the best of the best.


Are The Underdogs Being Underestimated?

Valorant is still a young game and a very young esport. The game officially released just six months ago at the start of June, and there’s only really been a handful of notable tournaments so far.

While these do paint a bit of a picture of what we can expect from teams, everything can change in a heartbeat. New strategies, plans and tactics are being created and perfected every day, while players continue to adjust to the game and grow.

A team like T1 enters the event at +1000 to win it, but they feature CS:GO championship-winning talent in their team, as well as some of the best Valorant pros so far. They haven’t performed incredibly well in their last few events, but this is the big one. This is where players can really make a name for themselves in Valorant.

Every team will be on their best level, and you can bet we’ll see a ton of new strategies and never-before-seen gameplay ideas. Every single player at this event is capable of creating and executing impeccable strategies and none of the teams can be counted out until we see them play.