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The Valorant pro scene is heating up once again, with a huge international LAN, Valorant Champions Tour: Stage 3 Masters Berlin, set to take place from September 10-19.

Like previous VCT events, we’ll see 16 of the best teams in the world battling it out at a global tournament, featuring the best from seven different regions. There’s a lot on the line at this event, with VCT points being awarded based on results, as well as a direct seed to the Valorant World Championship.

Before we take a further look at the event, make sure to familiarize yourself with all things Valorant, and let’s dive right in.

Who’s Playing at VCT: Stage 3 Masters Berlin?

We’ll see 16 of the world’s best battling it out in Berlin. This features four EMEA teams, three North American teams, a Latin American squad, as well as two Brazilian, Korean, Japanese and Southeast Asian teams.

Of these squads, you can expect to see the favorites from every region, including Sentinels, Gambit, G2, 100 Thieves, Vision Strikers and many others. It’s definitely a fight between the best of the best and we’ll not only see which team is the best in the world, but also which regions are the most competitive.

Meanwhile, the event will be played in four groups of four, followed by a single-elimination playoffs. This means teams are first split into four double-elimination groups, where teams are eliminated after two losses, and the top two teams advance. Then, the top eight face off in a playoff where just one loss means elimination and the last team standing wins.

Odds to Win VCT Masters Berlin
Player Odds
Sentinels +100
Gambit Esports +350
Acend +400
100 Thieves +500
Team Envy +750
SuperMassive Blaze +1000
G2 Esports +1600
Vision Strikers +2200
Havan Liberty +6600
Keyd Stars +15000
Zeta Division +15000
Crazy Raccoon +20000
F4Q +25000
KRU Esports +25000
Bren Esports +75000
Paper Rex +100000

Odds as of September 2 at Betway

Sentinels Look to Continue Dominance

Sentinels are definitely the team to watch at this event. They’re the current reigning VCT champions, having won the Stage 2 LAN back in May and continuing to dominate their region since.

The favorites have taken first place at their last seven events in a row, including blazing through the competition in order to qualify for this event. They also feature a star-studded lineup of not only some of the most experienced Valorant pros out there but also players who reached the top level in CS:GO prior to switching to Valorant.

They have just about everything they need to win and Sentinels have done it before, so it wouldn’t be too surprising if they can take home another trophy.

Can Gambit Make Europe Proud?

Going into Valorant, many expected Europe to be top dogs. After all, the region has for years dominated CS:GO (a game very similar to Valorant) and it seemed that the pool of talent was just way deeper in the region.

However, so far things have not gone well for Europe, as the North American representative Sentinels have definitely been the best squad in Valorant so far. Gambit seem the most likely challengers for Sentinels, as they enter VCT Masters Berlin as likely Europe’s best.

So far, Gambit have managed to place incredibly well in Europe, winning key EMEA and CIS VCT events and securing the top seed in the region. However, their lineup is young (with an average age of 19) and unproven on the biggest stage.

They definitely have the firepower, but can Gambit hold their nerve and perform on the international stage?

What Can We Expect From The Smaller Regions?

Traditionally, “smaller” regions like Korea, Japan and SEA haven’t had many opportunities in FPS games, especially at a large international scale. Valorant changed this, with teams from these regions being able to earn spots at international VCT events.

This definitely paid off, as the previous event saw Korean team Nuturn overcome some huge names to finish third. However, the other teams, including Brazilian representatives, all failed to make much of an impact.

Going into this event, we’re quite likely to see the same again. The level of competition is just much higher in Europe and North America, so the teams from these regions will very likely perform the best.

That being said, we can definitely expect an upset here or there. The Korean favorites Vision Strikers definitely look to be the best of the rest, but Crazy Raccoon, Bren Esports or any other team could upset the odds. It’s definitely worth taking a look at one of these squads if you want to place some high-risk, high-reward bets or look for a dark horse for the event altogether.