Who will participate in The Match 4 Betting Odds

The Match 4 Odds: Who Will Participate?

We have now seen three iterations of the celebrity golf tournament the Match. The first one featured Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, the second had the pro golfers teaming up with Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, and the last one saw Stephen Curry and Charles Barkley join Mickelson and Manning.

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The +130 underdogs, Mickelson and Barkley, won the Match 3, defeating Curry and Manning by four strokes. Although the event was a blowout, it was thoroughly entertaining and helped raise money for Historically Black Colleges and Universities across the country.


Now Sportsbook has come out with Match 4 odds on which celebrities might be featured next, with Tony Romo as the -150 favorite followed by Michael Jordan at EVEN money and Bryson DeChambeau at +125.

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Who Will Participate In The Match 4?

Odds to be in the match 4 golf tournament
Team Odds
Tony Romo -150
Michael Jordan EVEN
Bryson DeChambeau +125
Patrick Mahomes +300
Bill Murray +400
Larry David +400
Aaron Rodgers +1200
Ben Roethlisberger +1200
Drew Brees +1200
Matt Ryan +1200

Odds as of December 2 at Sportsbook

Most Likely Participants

The two people that I think fans would love to see from both a golf and an entertainment perspective would be the favorites on the oddsboard, Tony Romo (-150) and Michael Jordan (EVEN).

Romo is a scratch golfer and is currently the color commentator for CBS’s top NFL pair alongside Jim Nantz. He has charisma and would be a great fit from a comedic standpoint. And not only is Romo a terrific announcer, he’s also an incredible golfer.

He’s participated as a sponsor invite in four PGA tournaments, the last one being the Safeway Open event last year. After posting a 2-under 70 in the first round, he came back with a 6-over 78 that didn’t make the cut. In four PGA appearances, he has yet to make a cut. He has also won the American Century Championship, an annual celebrity golf tournament, on two occasions.

The other big get would be Michael Jordan. We saw during the ESPN documentary “The Last Dance” that when Jordan wasn’t playing on the basketball court, he was spending most of his time playing golf. He is an avid golfer and simply having his name associated with an event like this would be monumental.

He has been mentioned by many (including himself) as someone who is addicted to winning and competition, which would make the event thoroughly enjoyable to watch unfold. Not only would Jordan draw a ton of publicity but I think he would be a bigger marquee name than Tom Brady or Peyton Manning.

Who Provides the Best Value?

One name not to overlook is comedian/actor Bill Murray at odds of +400. Murray is no stranger to the golfing world as he’s been a regular at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am tournament for over two decades.

Murray would undoubtedly be a great get for the Match 4 with his quick wit and incredible sense of humor. He is a decent golfer who would also bring a ton of laughs and gimmicks, something that would be perfect for a televised event.