Guys & Bets (Episode 52): NCAA Tournament Betting Preview - Futures, Upset Spots, Props + More

We are just a couple of days away from the NCAA Tournament Round of 64 and today’s Guys & Bets episode is dedicated to looking at the betting options the tournament has to offer. Jonny OddsShark and Andrew Avery look at the March Madness futures board and make a couple of picks – one toward the top of the board and one a bit further down – that have some good betting value.

Upsets are commonplace in this tournament, hence why it’s called March Madness, and there are frequently 12 seeds beating a 5 seed in the Round of 64. With that in mind, Jonny has isolated one such spot that could see an upset in this round.

There are plenty more futures for the tournament and one of the most popular is teams to win each region. The guys go through all four of the oddsboards and break down what could happen in terms of teams getting to the Final Four.

With such a big tournament, there are a ton of fun props available to wager so Andrew bounces a few such options off Jonny to get his two cents.

Shifting gears, there is a nice slate of NHL games on the board, so Kris Abbott returns for his favorite plays on the ice in today’s NHL Quick Picks.