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Guys & Bets (Episode 58): #MarchMadness – Sweet 16 Day 6 Picks + #ShowUsYoureSharp Submission

After a great day with picks in the first games of the Sweet 16, Jonny OddsShark and Andrew Avery are back to cap Friday’s board with their favorite plays and also unveil the #ShowUsYoureSharp contest entry.

Up first, Jonny takes a shot with the Virginia Tech Hokies clashing with the Duke Blue Devils. Many feel Duke was lucky to get past Central Florida in the Round of 32 and the Blue Devils now find themselves as big faves, but Coach K and company have had a very difficult time covering spread tickets lately. Does that end tonight?

After being let down by LSU in the Sportsbook two rounds, Ninja is back to cap the Tigers’ meeting with the Michigan State Spartans in the Round of 16. LSU has been two teams in the tournament: a first-half team and a second-half team. How does this impact Ninja’s pick?

Jonny’s second and final pick comes from the Houston Cougars-Kentucky Wildcats game in what could be the best game on tonight’s stacked board. Jonny loves the way the Cougars play basketball, but does that translate to backing them against a talented Kentucky team?

Lastly, Ninja had luck with his first-half wager in last night’s Texas Tech-Michigan game, so he goes right back to a first-half spread bet as North Carolina meets hot-shooting Auburn. The games get tougher and tougher to cap and this one especially is no exception.

We gave out $2,000 in yesterday’s #ShowUsYoureSharp contest thanks to a correct call on the Florida State-Gonzaga total, so today we go back to $500. Tune in to see today’s video submission and what side they’ll be on.