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Guys & Bets (Episode 6): Week 4 NFL, Week 5 College Football, Ryder Cup & Aaron Kessler

Week 3 NFL and Week 4 of college football are now a memory but there is no rest for the wicked and Jonny and Andrew are back in the studio to take a look at the week ahead.

We start things off with Handicapping Heroes and Jonny’s got a doozy after a wild finish in college football. The guys then discuss some eye-catching Sportsbook lines in both NFL and college football and bring in Aaron Kessler to discuss things further.

When it comes to early capping and picks, the guys talk NFL prime-time games as the LA Rams host the Minnesota Vikings, the Baltimore Ravens visit the Pittsburgh Steelers and the unblemished Kansas City Chiefs travel to Mile High to clash with the Denver Broncos. As far as the NCAA is concerned, the guys look at the Thursday game as Miami hosts UNC before digging into Ohio State-Penn State and Stanford-Notre Dame.

Finally, Jonny talks some golf as the best players America and Europe have to offer get ready for the Ryder Cup in France on Friday.


Handicapping Heroes | 1:10

NFL Lines | 3:00

College Lines | 4:18

Aaron Kessler | 7:12

Vikings at Rams | 13:20

Ravens at Steelers | 15:15

Chiefs at Broncos | 16:58

UNC at Miami | 18:40

Ohio State at Penn State | 20:29

Stanford at Notre Dame | 22:24

Ryder Cup | 24:55