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Kentucky Derby Contests Offered

The Kentucky Derby is the world’s best-known race and it attracts tons of new bettors to check out horse racing odds. And the best online racebooks welcome new players with plenty of {URL=}Derby odds and tempting Derby bonuses {/URL}to make them feel at home.

That combination of factors makes May and June a busy month for new horse players – both in terms of new customers and new wagering and contest product being offered by racebooks. No race generates as much mainstream buzz as the Derby on the first Saturday in May. This year, it sneaks up on you as it is May 1 at Churchill Downs. It hasn’t snuck up on the books and they are offering great bonus offers, fun horse matchup odds and even some free Derby contests. You can also read up on some general {URL=}Kentucky Derby handicapping tutorials {/URL}to help you make sense of the numbers. is celebrating the 116th running of the Kentucky Derby with a 100% bonus up to $116. Translation – deposit $116 and they’ll add another $116 to your betting account so you can bet your favorite horse or a trifecta or whatever Kentucky Derby angle you can find! You’ll recall Sportsbook made the same offer during the Super Bowl but the bonus maxed out at $44 for Super Bowl 44. The Derby bonus is nearly 3 TIMES AS MUCH! is one of the kings of free online contests and this long-term sportsbook is offering a $100,000 Derby Day Challenge for the Sport of Kings. It’s free to play and win and gets you in the mood for making a few regular wagers in their racebook. Check out the contest details at Sportsbook today. is offering the biggest contest prize, but it's a Triple Crown game with a $1 million grand prize! It's not one of those contests where you earn peanuts if you don't pick everything perfectly - there is a $10,000 GUARANTEED POT!

Sportsbook was also first to market with tons of fun horse matchups. What is that? Instead of betting which horse in the field of 20 will win, you bet on Horse A to beat Horse B. If you bet NASCAR driver matchups, it’s the same thing. Your horse does not need to win the race, just finish ahead of the horse in the matchup. See all the Derby matchup odds at Sportsbook today. Sportsbook is also offering plenty of fun perks with Triple Crown props, horse matchups and more. Their 10% signup bonus is their standard perk, but racebook rebates and the best customer service in the business adds to the appeal. Visit Sportsbook before post time Saturday.