The Blueprint: How to Bet on the Kansas City Royals

Want to win at betting? Don’t feel like doing any research? Allow me to do all the homework. I’ll provide an outline as to whether it’s worth putting down your hard earned money on a wager either for or against a particular team.

This week, I take a look at the defending World Series champion Kansas City Royals, who have been a great wager at home, but just awful on the road. Let’s dig a little bit deeper into those home/road splits and take a look at some other outliers in the Royals’ season where bettors can get a serious edge.

How to Bet the Royals at home:

With the 25-8 home record, good enough for the best home win percentage in baseball, KC is the only remaining team that doesn’t have double-digit losses at home. Simply saying to hammer their moneyline at home is an easy approach, but there’s more to it than that.

So far this season, they’re a perfect 8-0 at home following a loss at home. They’ve excelled in the Sportsbook game of a home series, going 9-2 in that spot. Also, they’ve been beating up on teams with losing records at home, posting an 8-2 record.

How to Bet the Royals on the road:

The Royals have the second fewest road wins in the American League and are the 27th-ranked MLB team in road win percentage, making them a complete stay-away, but a great team to bet against.

They’ve already been swept twice on the road this month and overall this season are just 3-8 in the Sportsbook game of road series. They’re also not playing the playoff-calibre baseball we’ve grown accustomed to, as they’re just 5-13 on the road against teams with winning records. Finally, the Royals are a great team to bet against on the road following a road loss, going just 7-16 in that situation. 

How to Bet the Royals in-game:

The Royals are making things very easy for us here. The key is to focus on them in the third inning. When leading after three innings, they’re the third best-team in the league with a record of 28-4. When losing after three innings, it’s the complete opposite, as they’ve gone 4-22 — ranking dead last in baseball in that situation.

For added confidence, apply those in-game numbers to home/road situations.


How to bet on the Kansas City Royals
When to Bet on the Royals When to Bet Against the Royals
At home following a home loss (8-0) On the road following a road loss (7-16)
The Sportsbook game of a home series (9-2) The Sportsbook game of a road series (3-8)
At home vs teams with losing records (8-2) On the road vs teams with winning records (5-13)
With a lead after the third inning (28-4) When losing after the third inning (4-22)

A lot of numbers, I know, but with a little bit of focus and some effort, use them to beat the books and make your wallet fatter… or your purse thicker… or maybe you just stuff your cash into your pockets before you leave your house in the morning. It’s really none of my business. Either way, keep chasing that paper.