Buy/Sell Money Pitchers for MLB Season

One of the most important positions in all of sports to cap for bettors is starting pitchers. However, guys like Clayton Kershaw and Max Scherzer will be laying so much chalk that betting them provides next to no value. It’s important to find the pitchers that are good, but go relatively unnoticed by books and the general populace in order to find the optimal value.

The top three money pitchers last season were Edinson Volquez, Carlos Rodon and Jake Arrieta. Volquez and Rodon don’t scream ‘ace,’ but both posted respectable numbers without facing massive amounts of chalk. On the flip side, pitchers like Corey Kluber posted above average numbers, but played for a team that did him no favors.

Here's a look at what pitchers you should BUY and SELL heading into Sportsbook Day 2016:

Edinson Volquez – Buy

Volquez ended last season as the top money pitcher in baseball and that is a status he should flirt with again in 2016. The Dominican is a steady pitcher who gives you a consistent outing with each appearance, but his real value comes from playing with the Kansas City Royals.

The Royals went 22-11 in Volquez’ 33 starts last season while the righty only needed to pitch roughly six innings per game thanks to the dominant bullpen. You can expect a few more losses for Volquez and the Royals this season with the rest of the AL Central looking improved, but he should still be one of the best bets in baseball.

Felix Hernandez – Sell

Hernandez is a truly fantastic pitcher, but wagering on him is risky. The Seattle Mariners were under the league average in runs per game with their lineup largely underperforming. Plus, the M’s had one of the worst bullpens in baseball last season, with an offseason ‘makeover’ not inspiring confidence.

Also keep in mind; whenever Hernandez takes the mound, the Mariners are likely going to be favorites or just small plus money underdogs. King Felix will still put up ridiculous numbers, but don’t expect too much profit for bettors.

Shelby Miller – Buy

There is no doubt that Miller was one of the better pitchers in the first half last season. Even after a sluggish second half the Houston-native posted 3.02 ERA and a 1.24 WHIP, but he was playing for the terrible Atlanta Braves. Miller received the least run support of any pitcher in baseball, which basically made him a money pit.

However, Miller is now on the Arizona Diamondbacks thanks to an offseason trade. Miller will have less pressure as the No.2 behind Zack Greinke and will actually get help from his team.

Spring Training has not been great for Miller, but the young middle infield should be able to leg out a lot of double plays thanks to the right-hander's perchance for leaving balls in play. The lines won’t be as juiced as they were in Atlanta, but Miller should be a solid plus money pitcher this season.

Garrett Richards – Sell

The LA Angels went a solid 18-14 when Richards took the mound last season, but seven of those wins came in one run games. That is a lot of close games to bank on for a hurler who ultimately ended up as a negative money pitcher last season.

The Halos also averaged less than the league average in runs per game and has done nothing to address that issue during the offseason. Richards had an unspectacular 3.65 ERA last season while pitching a career-high 207.1 innings. The Oklahoma-alum has also thrown more wild pitches than almost any other pitcher in the majors over the past two season, which is just giving up free bases and runs.