Learn how to bet on MLB props. MLB prop betting tips and strategy with team props, player props, and game props.

How to Bet on MLB Props: MLB Prop Betting Tips and Strategy

All you big-time baseball buffs who want to make a buck or two on MLB bets should really consider the MLB prop route. Whether you’re a minor league betting prospect still learning how to bet on MLB props, or a major league punter who’s simply here for some BP (betting practice), our MLB prop betting guide is a grand slam for gambling on America’s pastime. Our tutorial touches on all of the different types of prop bets available for Major League Baseball.

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On top of showing baseball sharps how to bet on MLB prop bets at our trusted MLB betting sites, we also show sports bettors how to bet on MLB player props and game props, and offer professional MLB prop betting tips and strategy. Let’s take a timeout from runlines and play ball with MLB prop bets.


How to Bet on MLB Prop Bets

Major League Baseball prop bets are about as popular as Shohei Ohtani as it pertains to betting on the MLB, particularly when wagering on the World Series. MLB prop bet examples include:

Types of MLB Props

  • • MLB team props
  • • MLB game props
  • • MLB player props

What are MLB Props?

MLB props are basically any type of side bet that doesn’t necessarily have a direct correlation to the overall outcome of an MLB matchup. MLB prop bets, otherwise known as proposition bets, include individual player performances, exact scores and team win totals, and are more so for entertainment purposes.

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We’ve separated MLB prop betting into sections, so it’s simple for you to find the different forms of available MLB prop bets.

How to Bet on MLB Game Props and Team Props

MLB team props consist of baseball bets on team-related accomplishments regardless of the final result. Some of the most common MLB team prop bets are:

Popular MLB Team Props

  • • The team to score first
  • • If a run will be scored in the first inning
  • • The team to reach three (3) or five (5) runs first
  • • OVER/UNDER on a particular team’s total runs
  • • O/U total home runs combined
  • • Whether the game goes into extra innings
  • • Margin of victory

Regular-Season Win Totals

Win totals for the regular season is another popular preseason MLB prop bet. Sports betting websites will set a number for each MLB team on their regular-season win total. With win totals, you wager on whether the amount of Ws for a specific team will be greater than (OVER) or less than (UNDER) the number set by the online sportsbook.


If Vladimir Guerrero Jr.’s Blue Jays have a regular-season win total set at 79.5, you can wager that Toronto will win 80 or more games or you can bet against the Bluebirds if you think Bo Bichette and the boys will win 79 or fewer games.

How to Bet on MLB Player Props

Major League Baseball player props consist of baseball wagers on individual-related accomplishments regardless of the end result. Some of the most common MLB player prop bets are:

Popular MLB Player Prop Bets

  • • OVER/UNDER total hits, runs and RBIs
  • • O/U total number of strikeouts
  • • Whether Player X hits a home run
  • • Player vs Player most hits, runs and RBIs
  • • Pitcher vs Pitcher most strikeouts

There are so many more specific player prop bets you can select from, particularly for the MLB postseason where player statistics are analyzed to the extreme in the playoffs.


MLB Awards Props

The majority of online betting sites also post betting odds on MLB seasonal performance awards like the most valuable player (MVP), Rookie of the Year and Cy Young.

MLB Prop Betting Tips

A well-prepared MLB prop betting strategy is very important if you want to win more MLB prop bets. We propose you keep everything simple to start. You may find it best to place wagers on what you’re most comfortable with.

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