MLB Props: Derek Jeter 3000 Hits

With 2,929 career hits entering play on Wednesday New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter will reach the 3,000-hit plateau at some point this season. Figure out when and how and you can cash in on MLB props at Sportsbook.

Right now there are four different props available surrounding Jeter's 3000th hit at Sportsbook. You can bet on what type of hit it will be, the count, the venue, and when it will occur.

For hit type the favorite is of course a single at -300 on the MLB odds. From the current list of 27 players to reach 3,000 hits, 17 of them did it with a single. Double comes next at +200, followed by home run at +500, and the long shot, a triple, at +1000.

Only one player, Wade Boggs homered on his 3,000th hit, while Paul Molitor is the only player to ever leg out a triple to reach 3,000. The last player to reach the mark was Craig Biggio in 2007, and he did it with a single.

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Selecting the count for when Jeter collects No. 30,00 will be pretty tricky. With a dozen potential counts available it will be more dumb luck than skill to pick the Sportsbook. You can likely remove zero balls and zero strikes from the equation, though, since Jeter swinging at the first pitch while sitting at 2,999 seems unlikely.

The favorites according to the oddsmakers are 1-1 and 3-2, both at +400. The highest odds are going to 0-2 and 3-0, both at +800.

For location of the historic hit you've got two choices: Yankee Stadium at -200, or any other Major League park at +150 on the MLB odds. Since Jeter's Yankees play 50% of their games at home and 50% on the road you would expect the odds to be more even, but early on in the season the Yankees play more games in New York than on the road.

In June, which is the month the historical hit is most likely to occur in, the Yankees play 16 games at home and only 10 on the road.

Finally, the last prop on the board is when the hit will take place. There are two options available here - “On or before June 20” at -250 or “On or after June 21” at +150. Jeter's off to a slow start this season with only three hits in his first five games. A slow start is not the norm for Jeter, who has a .305 career batting average in the month of April.

Even with the slow start Jeter still only needs 71 hits in 69 games to get to 3,000 on or before June 20. Unless Jeter gets injured, the favorite will likely pay here.