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Odds to See Another World Series Flasher

While the chances of their team winning a World Series are flashing before the eyes of Nationals bettors and fans, viewers of Game 5 on Sunday night got a flash of a very different sort thanks to a center-field camera shot.

In a story that’s completely taken off via social media, Julia Rose and Lauren Summer exposed their bare breasts for Gerrit Cole and the world to see in what turned out to be a publicity stunt for Rose’s brand, SHAGMAG, a sort of 2019 version of Maxim magazine on Cialis.

In the interest of journalism, I did a deep dive on the SHAGMAG website and it turns out that I’m 100 percent a part of their demographic (if you’re reading this at work, you may want to hold off on the Googling for later or at least use your personal handheld device).

Could There be Another Flasher During Game 6?

Sportsbooks are giving you the option to bet on whether this could happen again in tonight’s Game 6 with the prop “Will any women expose themselves live on air in Game 6?”

You’ll note that Rose and Summer are not mentioned in this prop. That is because both have been banned indefinitely from MLB ballparks (I’m assuming the players didn’t get a vote on this).

That doesn’t mean, however, that in this social media-crazy world we live in that we won’t see a copycat. If you think it’s possible, you can get great odds on the Yes option at +1200.

We should note that their actions aren’t all completely selfish and to sell subscriptions. There is a breast cancer awareness component to their actions and with just a couple of days left in Breast Cancer Awareness Month, there could be money to be made.

Will We See More of Julia Rose and Lauren Summer?

Rose and Summer have been banned from every MLB park but there are three other major professional sports that they could use to their advantage. Frankly, the TV ratings for this year’s World Series have been pretty low, so maybe the ladies would get more bang for their buck at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough during a Patriots game or maybe sitting courtside at Staples Center for the Lakers or Clippers.

As usual, the sportsbooks are one step ahead of you there as well with the prop “Will Julia Rose or Lauren Summer expose themselves at an NBA, NFL or NHL game in 2019?”

Clearly, oddsmakers think that these gals may have gotten a taste of this success in order to try it again. In this market, Yes is paying just +200 with No at -300.

There’s a reason for bookmakers to be skeptical as it turns out that these ladies have a long history of flashing and getting ejected ... pretty much wherever they go. In fact, in Tuesday’s Toronto Sun it was revealed that the girls have more X-rated stunts planned. The question is: will they do it before the betting cutoff in 2020?

Will Any Women Expose Themselves during the broadcast of Game 6 of the world series?

Odds as of October 29 at BetOnline

Will Julia Rose or Lauren Summer Expose Themselves at an NBA, NFL or NHL Game in 2019?

Odds as of October 29 at BetOnline

Total Money Donated by SHAGMAG to Breast Cancer Foundation by the end of 2019
OVER $69,000-120
UNDER $69,000-120

Odds as of October 29 at BetOnline

Total SHAGMAG Patreon Subscribers by end of 2019
OVER 20,000-120
UNDER 20,000-120

Odds as of October 29 at BetOnline