Pujols Boosts Angels World Series Odds

For $260 million, you should be able to increase your World Series from 22/1 to 12/1.

That’s what happened within minutes of the announcement from Albert Pujols that he was leaving St. Louis and signing with the Los Angeles Angels. A new challenge, new league, a new contract that boggles the craziest of minds.

Early Thursday, the Angels were in a pack of baseball pretenders on the odds menu at Sportsbook. By lunchtime, they has signed the best player of his generation and also snapped up arguably the best starting pitcher in CJ Wilson from Texas. Their odds now sit at 12/1.

The announcement had the predictably opposite impact on the defending World Series champion Cardinals. They woke up this morning as 14/1 odds and tumbled to 18/1 after they threw up their breakfast.

Sportsbook also quickly posted odds on Pujols 2012 performance. They set his Home run over-under at 37.5, his RBI total at 120.5 and his batting average at .310.

Oh and if you think Pujols can win the AL MVP in his first season, that’s a tidy 3/1 payout right now. They did not set odds on whether Pujols will get to take the statue of himself to the West Coast when he moves.

Odds to Win World Series and other Albert Pujols props – lines courtesy of Sportsbook Sportsbook

LAA before Pujols signing            22/1

LAA after Pujols signing                12/1 Sportsbook

STL before Pujols signing             14/1

STL after Pujols signing                 18/1 Sportsbook

Los Angeles Angels Total Wins in the 2012 Regular Season

Over/Under                       87½  Sportsbook

St. Louis Cardinals Total Wins in the 2012 Regular Season            

Over/Under                       83½  Sportsbook

Albert Pujols - Total HRs in the 2012 Regular Season

Over/Under                       37½  Sportsbook

Albert Pujols - Total RBIs in the 2012 Regular Season    

Over                                      120½  Sportsbook

Albert Pujols - Batting Average in the 2012 Regular Season        

Over .310                             -130      

Under .310                          EVEN      Sportsbook

Albert Pujols - Will he win the AL MVP?              

Yes                         3/1          Sportsbook