Weekend baseball betting previews

It's the dog days of August, but that doesn't mean underdog betting days for baseball bettors. The San Diego Padres look to continue their miracle 2010 season this weekend with a three-game set against the Giants. San Francisco has home advantage and that could prove decisive in a series where these two teams look otherwise inseparable. Sportsbook betting analyst Al Dannity breaks down this weekend’s big match-up in baseball - visit Sportsbook San Diego’s performances in 2010 have silenced critics but the Giants have slowly clawed their way back into the playoff race since the All-Star break and now there’s nothing between them and the Padres. Neither side has been particularly dominant of late.

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I expect this trend to continue this weekend. The Padres should be able to do enough to win one of the first two games but I like San Francisco to have the edge in this series, especially with Tim Lincecum pitching on Sunday. Bet on the Giants to win big with Sportsbook The other big National League match-up this weekend sees the Phillies travel to New York to meet the Mets. Philadelphia can’t seem to quite catch Atlanta at the top of the NL East but I can see things changing this weekend. The Mets are a spent force, waiting for somebody to finally kill off their fading playoff dreams. I see the killer blow coming this weekend. Bet on Philadelphia to sweep the Mets, odds at Sportsbook Like the Mets, Boston is barely keeping its head above water in the playoff chase. This weekend the Red Sox need to raise their game in a series with the Rangers. Texas comfortably leads the AL West but the job isn’t done yet. The Rangers need to finish the season strongly to have a chance to go deep in October. I like Texas to hold the edge in this series, winning two out of three. Bet on Texas to win big with Sportsbook Finally we come to the battle for first place in the AL East.

Tampa Bay is at home to Baltimore and it’s hard to see anything other than a sweep by the Rays. The Orioles have played a little better than average lately but that run is going to come to a halt this weekend. The Yankees take on Kansas City this weekend, knowing they will need to match anything Tampa Bay does against the Orioles in order to stay ahead in the race. While I like New York to win three out of four, I can’t commit to a sweep by the Yankees. The Royals might stink but they can perform in spurts so I like them to take one game in this series. Bet on the Yankees and Rays to win big with Sportsbook this weekend.