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If you had to place a bet today on which teams will be playing in the 2013 World Series, you might pick the Detroit Tigers and Atlanta Braves.

And that would be the top betting choice in World Series matchup odds available at 5Dimes this week.

And at a +1735 payout, that is a tempting wager, even if it will take a lot of luck and a lot of months for that wager to settle.

World Series matchups involving the Tigers are the most popular betting choices. Detroit vs Atlanta, St. Louis and Cincinnati are the three shortest odds, according to the oddsmakers at 5Dimes.

If not the Tigers, then perhaps Texas? Matchups between the Rangers and the three favored NL teams are the next betting picks with a Cincy vs Texas final at +3200.

Check out the various World Series matchups as of June 9, 2013.

World Series Matchup Odds - June 9, 2013  
Atlanta Braves vs Detroit Tigers  1735
St. Louis Cardinals vs Detroit Tigers  1800
Cincinnati Reds vs Detroit Tigers  2250
Atlanta Braves vs Texas Rangers  2475
St. Louis Cardinals vs Texas Rangers  2575
Cincinnati Reds vs Texas Rangers  3200
St. Louis Cardinals vs Oakland Athletics  3375
San Francisco Giants vs Detroit Tigers  3450
Washington Nationals vs Detroit Tigers  3450
Atlanta Braves vs Oakland Athletics  3525
Atlanta Braves vs Boston Red Sox  3525
St. Louis Cardinals vs Boston Red Sox  3650
Atlanta Braves vs New York Yankees  4000
St. Louis Cardinals vs New York Yankees  4150
Cincinnati Reds vs Oakland Athletics  4200
Arizona Diamondbacks vs Detroit Tigers  4375
Cincinnati Reds vs Boston Red Sox  4550
Atlanta Braves vs Tampa Bay Rays  4600
St. Louis Cardinals vs Tampa Bay Rays  4775
San Francisco Giants vs Texas Rangers  4875
Washington Nationals vs Texas Rangers  4875
Atlanta Braves vs Baltimore Orioles  4975
St. Louis Cardinals vs Baltimore Orioles  5150
Cincinnati Reds vs New York Yankees  5200
Pittsburgh Pirates vs Detroit Tigers  5450
Cincinnati Reds vs Tampa Bay Rays  5950
Arizona Diamondbacks vs Texas Rangers  6200
Atlanta Braves vs Los Angeles Angels  6250
Cincinnati Reds vs Baltimore Orioles  6400
San Francisco Giants vs Oakland Athletics  6400
Washington Nationals vs Oakland Athletics  6400
St. Louis Cardinals vs Los Angeles Angels  6450
Washington Nationals vs Boston Red Sox  6950
San Francisco Giants vs Boston Red Sox  6950
Atlanta Braves vs Cleveland Indians  7150
St. Louis Cardinals vs Toronto Blue Jays  7350
Washington Nationals vs Chicago White Sox  7400
St. Louis Cardinals vs Cleveland Indians  7400
Atlanta Braves vs Toronto Blue Jays  7450
Pittsburgh Pirates vs Texas Rangers  7700
San Francisco Giants vs New York Yankees  7900
Washington Nationals vs New York Yankees  7900
Cincinnati Reds vs Los Angeles Angels  8000
Arizona Diamondbacks vs Oakland Athletics  8100
Arizona Diamondbacks vs Boston Red Sox  8700
Washington Nationals vs Tampa Bay Rays  9000
San Francisco Giants vs Tampa Bay Rays  9000
Cincinnati Reds vs Cleveland Indians  9200
Colorado Rockies vs Detroit Tigers  9400
Cincinnati Reds vs Toronto Blue Jays  9600
San Francisco Giants vs Baltimore Orioles  9800
Philadelphia Phillies vs Detroit Tigers  9800
Washington Nationals vs Baltimore Orioles  9800
Arizona Diamondbacks vs New York Yankees  9900
Pittsburgh Pirates vs Oakland Athletics  10100
Pittsburgh Pirates vs Boston Red Sox  10900
Arizona Diamondbacks vs Tampa Bay Rays  11400
Washington Nationals vs Los Angeles Angels  12200
San Francisco Giants vs Los Angeles Angels  12200
Arizona Diamondbacks vs Baltimore Orioles  12300
Pittsburgh Pirates vs New York Yankees  12400
Los Angeles Dodgers vs Texas Rangers  12600
Colorado Rockies vs Texas Rangers  13200
Philadelphia Phillies vs Texas Rangers  13900
San Francisco Giants vs Cleveland Indians  14000
Washington Nationals vs Cleveland Indians  14000
Pittsburgh Pirates vs Tampa Bay Rays  14200
San Francisco Giants vs Toronto Blue Jays  14600
Washington Nationals vs Toronto Blue Jays  14600
Pittsburgh Pirates vs Baltimore Orioles  15300
Arizona Diamondbacks vs Los Angeles Angels  15400
Los Angeles Dodgers vs Oakland Athletics  16600
Colorado Rockies vs Oakland Athletics  17300
Arizona Diamondbacks vs Cleveland Indians  17600
Los Angeles Dodgers vs Boston Red Sox  17900
Philadelphia Phillies vs Oakland Athletics  18100
Arizona Diamondbacks vs Toronto Blue Jays  18300
Colorado Rockies vs Boston Red Sox  18700
Pittsburgh Pirates vs Los Angeles Angels  19200
Atlanta Braves vs Kansas City Royals  19200
Philadelphia Phillies vs Boston Red Sox  19600
St. Louis Cardinals vs Kansas City Royals  20000
Los Angeles Dodgers vs New York Yankees  20500
Colorado Rockies vs New York Yankees  21000
Pittsburgh Pirates vs Cleveland Indians  22000
Philadelphia Phillies vs New York Yankees  22500
Pittsburgh Pirates vs Toronto Blue Jays  23000
Los Angeles Dodgers vs Tampa Bay Rays  23000
Colorado Rockies vs Tampa Bay Rays  24500
Cincinnati Reds vs Kansas City Royals  25000
Los Angeles Dodgers vs Baltimore Orioles  25000
Philadelphia Phillies vs Tampa Bay Rays  25500
Colorado Rockies vs Baltimore Orioles  26000
San Diego Padres vs Detroit Tigers  27000
Philadelphia Phillies vs Baltimore Orioles  27500
Los Angeles Dodgers vs Los Angeles Angels  31500
Colorado Rockies vs Los Angeles Angels  33000
Philadelphia Phillies vs Los Angeles Angels  34500
Los Angeles Dodgers vs Cleveland Indians  36000
Colorado Rockies vs Cleveland Indians  37500
Atlanta Braves vs Chicago White Sox  37500
San Diego Padres vs Texas Rangers  38000
Los Angeles Dodgers vs Toronto Blue Jays  38000
Washington Nationals vs Kansas City Royals  38000
San Francisco Giants vs Kansas City Royals  38000
St. Louis Cardinals vs Chicago White Sox  39000
Colorado Rockies vs Toronto Blue Jays  39000
Philadelphia Phillies vs Cleveland Indians  39500
Philadelphia Phillies vs Toronto Blue Jays  41000
Arizona Diamondbacks vs Kansas City Royals  47500
Cincinnati Reds vs Chicago White Sox  48000
Atlanta Braves vs Seattle Mariners  48500
Milwaukee Brewers vs Detroit Tigers  49500
New York Mets vs Detroit Tigers  49500
San Diego Padres vs Oakland Athletics  50000
St. Louis Cardinals vs Seattle Mariners  50000
San Diego Padres vs Boston Red Sox  54000
Atlanta Braves vs Minnesota Twins  55000
St. Louis Cardinals vs Minnesota Twins  57000
Pittsburgh Pirates vs Kansas City Royals  59000
San Diego Padres vs New York Yankees  61000
Cincinnati Reds vs Seattle Mariners  63000
Milwaukee Brewers vs Texas Rangers  70000
San Diego Padres vs Tampa Bay Rays  70000
New York Mets vs Texas Rangers  70000
Cincinnati Reds vs Minnesota Twins  71000
San Francisco Giants vs Chicago White Sox  74000
San Diego Padres vs Baltimore Orioles  76000
Los Angeles Dodgers vs Detroit Tigers  89000
Chicago Cubs vs Detroit Tigers  91000
Arizona Diamondbacks vs Chicago White Sox  92000
New York Mets vs Oakland Athletics  92000
Milwaukee Brewers vs Oakland Athletics  92000
San Diego Padres vs Los Angeles Angels  95000
San Francisco Giants vs Seattle Mariners  96000
Washington Nationals vs Seattle Mariners  96000
Los Angeles Dodgers vs Kansas City Royals  99000
New York Mets vs Boston Red Sox  99000
Milwaukee Brewers vs Boston Red Sox  99000
Colorado Rockies vs Kansas City Royals  100000
Philadelphia Phillies vs Kansas City Royals  105000
San Diego Padres vs Cleveland Indians  107500
San Francisco Giants vs Minnesota Twins  110000
Washington Nationals vs Minnesota Twins  110000
San Diego Padres vs Toronto Blue Jays  112500
New York Mets vs New York Yankees  112500
Milwaukee Brewers vs New York Yankees  112500
Pittsburgh Pirates vs Chicago White Sox  115000
Arizona Diamondbacks vs Seattle Mariners  120000
New York Mets vs Tampa Bay Rays  127500
Milwaukee Brewers vs Tampa Bay Rays  127500
Chicago Cubs vs Texas Rangers  127500
Arizona Diamondbacks vs Minnesota Twins  135000
Milwaukee Brewers vs Baltimore Orioles  140000
New York Mets vs Baltimore Orioles  140000
Pittsburgh Pirates vs Seattle Mariners  147500
Pittsburgh Pirates vs Minnesota Twins  170000
Chicago Cubs vs Oakland Athletics  170000
Milwaukee Brewers vs Los Angeles Angels  175000
New York Mets vs Los Angeles Angels  175000
Chicago Cubs vs Boston Red Sox  180000
Los Angeles Dodgers vs Chicago White Sox  190000
Colorado Rockies vs Chicago White Sox  195000
Milwaukee Brewers vs Cleveland Indians  200000
New York Mets vs Cleveland Indians  200000
New York Mets vs Toronto Blue Jays  210000
Philadelphia Phillies vs Chicago White Sox  210000
Milwaukee Brewers vs Toronto Blue Jays  210000
Chicago Cubs vs New York Yankees  210000
Chicago Cubs vs Tampa Bay Rays  240000
Chicago Cubs vs Baltimore Orioles  250000
Colorado Rockies vs Seattle Mariners  250000
Los Angeles Dodgers vs Seattle Mariners  250000
Philadelphia Phillies vs Seattle Mariners  270000
Los Angeles Dodgers vs Minnesota Twins  280000
San Diego Padres vs Kansas City Royals  290000
Colorado Rockies vs Minnesota Twins  290000
Philadelphia Phillies vs Minnesota Twins  300000
Chicago Cubs vs Los Angeles Angels  320000
Chicago Cubs vs Cleveland Indians  360000
Chicago Cubs vs Toronto Blue Jays  380000
Milwaukee Brewers vs Kansas City Royals  540000
New York Mets vs Kansas City Royals  540000
San Diego Padres vs Chicago White Sox  570000
Miami Marlins vs Detroit Tigers  680000
San Diego Padres vs Seattle Mariners  740000
Atlanta Braves vs Houston Astros  820000
San Diego Padres vs Minnesota Twins  840000
St. Louis Cardinals vs Houston Astros  850000
Miami Marlins vs Texas Rangers  960000
Chicago Cubs vs Kansas City Royals  990000