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NASCAR Handicapping

The huge popularity of NASCAR has been slow to translate into NASCAR handicapping and betting, but with plenty of new racing odds, fans are starting to put their money where their mouths are.

Betting on NASCAR races, or any auto race for that matter, is very easy. Oddsmakers such as those at Sportsbook.ag will lay odds to who will win a race and you simply bet on the driver you will think will win.

Often these NASCAR race odds are posted late in the week after qualifying races and when bettors can see who is on the pole and how far back in the pack their favorite driver is starting.

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There are some sportsbooks that will allow betting on whether a driver will place in the Top 3 or Top 5, but most of the time you are simply betting on the driver to win the race. It's that easy. [ NASCAR handicapping stats ]

Let's say Jimmie Johnson is at +250 on the Daytona 500 odds menu. The number after the + is the amount you win if you bet $100 on that driver, so if you bet $100 on Johnson and he wins you win $250.

You can bet smaller or bigger amounts, but that is the easiest way to show how much you can win. In the example above it can also be in fractional form of 2.5/1. So whatever amount you bet you multiply it by 2.5 and that is how much you win if the driver you bet on wins the race.

In recent years, driver vs driver betting has increased in popularity. In this scenario, you are betting that Jeff Gordon will finish ahead of Kyle Petty. Neither has to win the race - one has to cross the finish line ahead of the other.

NASCAR is just like every other sport you can lay some green on, as the more you know the more of a chance you can win. There are handicapping tools you can use such as the driver database, track information, driver stats, and race previews to name a few here at OddsShark.com.

There are some tracks such as Daytona where qualifying does not mean much while others such as Bristol where it means a lot. The results for qualifying set the starting order as well as when the driver can pit.

At big super-speedways like Daytona there is a lot of room to pit and to catch a draft. Because of this, the qualifying results and practice speeds are not that crucial. Conversely, on short tracks position on the track is very important since a driver can get way down in the pack quickly.

The better the starting position is for a driver the better their pit selection will be.

A couple of important NASCAR handicapping tools are the driver's results at the track in the past and their practice speeds before the race. You can see how a driver has done at that track in the past, as if they have not done well there it may not be a good idea to bet on them.

Also, if the driver has been placing well and has good practice speeds, focus on that in helping you make a wager. Information on a driver's chassis is also something to look out for, as if a driver has used a certain one in the past and done well they are a better bet.

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For races that have long green flag runs practice speeds should be taken into consideration more, as the faster cars in the field will come out on top. Also, find out of the drivers and their crews are tinkering with their car or are really gearing up for a race win.

The nearer the race the more you need to take into consideration the practice times, as the closer the race the more the driver will be prepping for the real deal.

Always check race previews, as they can have tidbits of info on drivers and track conditions. The close to the race the more previews will be available, so check on a few to get as much information you can get.

You never know who will win a NASCAR race before it is run, but if you get all the info you can and use some of these handicapping tools you can get a leg up on the sportsbook and increase your chances to cash in.