Washington Wizards star Bradley Beal could be on the move in the offseason.

Bradley Beal Odds: Will The Wizards Trade Their All-Star?

The Washington Wizards had a tough end to the season and with an important offseason coming up, the Wiz may need to seriously consider blowing it up and dealing Bradley Beal for long-term assets. However, according to the latest Bradley Beal odds, he’s very likely to still be with the Wizards at the start of the 2021-22 NBA season.

The best basketball betting sites have released a betting prop for what team Beal will be playing with to start next season, with the Wizards as overwhelming -650 favorites (86.7 percent implied probability) to keep their homegrown all-star in Washington.


That being said, Beal has been vague on the prospects of his return to Washington for next season, which means NBA teams will be lining up to acquire the sniper’s talents. Teams like the Golden State Warriors and Philadelphia 76ers, both at +800, could be winning destinations for the shooting guard. The New Orleans Pelicans (+850) and Miami Heat (+950) round out the top five betting options in Bradley Beal trade odds.

Here are the full odds for where Bradley Beal could play at the start of the 2021-22 NBA season:

Betting Odds of Bradley Beal Being Traded

What Team Will Bradley Beal Play With for Game 1 of the 2021-22 NBA Regular Season?
Team Odds
Washington Wizards -650
Golden State Warriors +800
Philadelphia 76ers +800
New Orleans Pelicans +850
Miami Heat +950
Dallas Mavericks +1600
New York Knicks +1600

Odds as of June 4 at Sportsbook

Will Bradley Beal Be Traded from Washington?

At this point, it’s too early to tell on the odds of Bradley Beal being traded from the Wizards but the writing is on the wall that complacency in Washington has grown tiresome for the all-star.

In his post-game press conference after the Wizards were eliminated from the playoffs, Beal wouldn’t confirm or deny how he’s approaching next season and whether he’ll seek a trade. It may be a fool’s errand to read too much into those comments as they came after a loss, when emotions can be raw. However, that doesn’t mean they should be completely dismissed.

Beal is entering the final year of a five-year contract he signed with Washington prior to the 2016-17 season and at 27, he’s in his prime as an elite shot-maker and scorer. He was second in the NBA in points scored per game this season and any team on the cusp of winning the NBA championship could seek to acquire the all-star guard.

Washington is at a crossroads with Beal because while he’s clearly the franchise’s best player, the Wiz can’t allow him to leave for nothing, which makes the odds of Beal leaving the Wizards even more intriguing.

If he tells the front office he wants out prior to the NBA draft, it could put Washington in a spot where the Wiz could capitalize on his trade value and get a heck of a return in a loaded draft. At this point, it really depends on what Beal wants to do. If he gives any indication he doesn’t plan to re-sign in Washington, the Wizards have to move ASAP.

Where Could Bradley Beal Be Traded To?

You’ll notice that all the teams on the oddsboard for Bradley Beal odds are contenders or teams on the cusp. That’s why teams like the OKC Thunder or Houston Rockets, who own the most assets/draft capital of any NBA teams over the next three seasons, are not included. So, the only two teams from a contender standpoint that could also offer Washington some sort of decent compensation for Beal, without gutting their roster, are the Golden State Warriors (+800) and New Orleans Pelicans (+850).

The Warriors have got draft picks from the Timberwolves and could potentially dangle James Wiseman in a trade to snare Beal from the Wiz. Does that make Golden State better? In the short term, yes. In the long term, absolutely not, but the fact remains the Wiz would have to seriously consider an offer like that if Beal doesn’t plan to stay in D.C.

As for the Pelicans, they’ve got a litany of draft picks and rostered players that could be mixed and matched in a potential deal. The Pelicans have all of their own draft picks and two first-round picks from the Lakers. This could help build a trade around the likes of Brandon Ingram if New Orleans doesn’t view him as a good fit with Zion Williamson.

No matter how you approach a Bradley Beal prop bet or consider what team could trade for him, the fact remains that the all-star has the leverage. Any team you bet from this list is merely an educated guess and there could be teams not listed that may come out of left field to make a move and trade for Beal if that’s where he wants to go.

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