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Bronny James 2024-25 Betting Odds, Season Props

Bronny James will perhaps be the most overly analyzed and heavily scrutinized late second-round draft pick in the history of the NBA, and with that level of coverage comes an abundance of betting odds to potentially cash in on how his rookie campaign with the Los Angeles Lakers will unfold. 

The 19-year-old prospect was selected 55th overall by the Lakers in this summer's draft, which was hardly a surprise as Bronny didn't partake in many pre-draft workouts with other teams, and his representation supposedly threatened to stash him in Australia if another organization selected him.

As the son and now teammate of LeBron James, and whether it's fair or not, Bronny will forever draw comparisons to his legendary father. His lineage has even created some fun odds to wager on, as well. 

Here's a look at some of the early odds and season props for Bronny in 2024-25.

Bronny James NBA Regular Season Props For 2024-25 Season

Season PropOdds
Bronny James To Score 20+ Points In Any Game+1000
Bronny James To Score 25+ Points In Any Game+3000
Bronny James To Score 30+ Points In Any Game+9500
Bronny James To Record 4+ 3-Pointers In Any Game+430
Bronny James To Record 5+ 3-Pointers In Any Game+1000
Bronny James To Record 10+ Assists In Any Game+6000
Bronny James To Record A Triple-Double In Any Game+14000

Odds as of July 9, 2024

Even the greatest optimists should have serious doubts about Bronny connecting on any of these game props. On a team with legitimate playoff aspirations, the likelihood of him seeing significant minutes beyond the occasional garbage time to even come close to achieving any of these feats is extremely slim.

For added context, in his 25 total appearances with the USC Trojans, Bronny scored 10 or more points on just three occasions, drilled multiple 3-pointers three times, and recorded five or more assists four times. He averaged 4.8 points, 2.8 rebounds, 2.1 assists, and shot 36.6 percent from the field during his college career.

The possibility remains that Bronny could receive a hefty role during a meaningless game during the end of the season, but considering the Lakers have been a participant in the play-in tournament three of the last four years, they'll probably need every last victory to establish playoff positioning. 

Bronny James Method Of First Basket In 2024-25

Scoring MethodOdds
3-Point Field Goal+220
Free Throw+500

Odds as of July 9, 2024

There's no real science behind determining how a player will score a basket in any particular fashion, although glossing over his college stats will show a fairly even distribution of shots with 25 made 2-pointers, 23 made free throws, and 16 made 3-pointers. 

It would be a fun callback to LeBron if Bronny could emulate his dad's first made bucket, which was a baseline jumper versus the Sacramento Kings on Oct. 29, 2023.

Bronny James & LeBron James Props

Bronny James First Made Field Goal To Be Assisted By LeBron James+300
Bronny James First Assist To Be Scored By LeBron James+200

Odds as of July 9, 2024

Never before in NBA history has a father and son suited up alongside one another. We've seen it in other major professional sports, and we've had numerous fathers and sons play competitive basketball, but never on the same roster at the same time.

For the sheer spectacle of the moment, there's a strong chance LeBron will want to be on the hardwood the moment Bronny makes his on-court debut, which helps explain why the odds for these props are so short. 

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