Finals Game 7 Is Short 1 Point

Have you seen a point lying around somewhere? 

The Cleveland Cavaliers seem to have lost one since Game 6 tipped off. Before then, the Warriors were set as 6-point favorites for Game 7. Once the Cavs actually won Game 6, the line opened at 4.5 and has since moved to 5

So that’s an important element to understand for the odds for Game 7 before you place a bet. There’s a missing point here simply because the game is actually going to be played. Which doesn’t make any sense. 

Unless there was a key injury or suspension, there’s really not much that could have happened in Game 6 that should have changed the Sportsbook number by 1.5 points. That’s just public bias and recency bias being factored into the line.  

So if you like Golden State, and that's where I lean here, I think you’re getting extra value here that really shouldn’t be there. 

On to the game itself….  

I took the Cavs first half in Game 6 and explained how a visiting team hasn’t won the first half yet in this series. That held true in Game 6 also. I’m going to make the same play again for Game 7 and will take the Warriors first half. 

Much like I talked about in Game 6, the officiating is going to play a factor in Game 7. Not like it did Game 6 but the Warriors are owed some calls. The home team always should get the benefit of the doubt anyway but it didn’t look good on the refs with the ejection of Stephen Curry last game. 

Steve Kerr did a nice job of bringing attention to the officiating in the press room after the game and I think the fact he only got fined $25,000 says a lot. Usually there’s an extra zero attached to those fines when you rip the refs. 

This very well could be the most watched NBA game in history. It’s a swell Father’s Day present for NBA fans and bettors out there and hope you enjoy the game. If you’ve had a good Finals to this point, you may want to sit back and watch.