Victor wembanyama's debut will be a Game of the Year candidate

2023-24 NBA Games Of The Year: Don't Miss These Marquee Matchups

The 2023-24 NBA schedule has dropped, leaving each respective fanbase the blueprints to map out how their favorite squad can win an NBA Title.

But not all games are weighted equally. There are tons of high-profile matchups this year, but let's narrow on three of the biggest games of the year.

NBA Games Of The Year

Here are our favorite games of the NBA 2023-24 season. 

Oct. 25: Dallas Mavericks @ San Antonio Spurs (Victor Wembanyama's Debut)

I mean, c'mon. Remember the hype around Zion Williamson's NBA debut? The buzz will be even stronger for Wembanyama's first game after being picked first overall. The French phenom could get a rude welcome to the more physical American game, or maybe he'll dazzle and erase any and all doubts about his spot in NBA lore.

The Mavs are a fun team to watch, too. We'll see Luka Doncic strive for an NBA MVP with his knucklehead sidekick Kyrie Irving manning the point.

Dec. 25: Boston Celtics @ Los Angeles Lakers

The NBA Christmas Day games always draw eyes, but why not give viewership a boost by matching up the two most storied franchises in Association history?

The Lakers, assuming they're healthy, are always a fun squad, and the C's will want to keep chugging after losing in the Eastern Conference finals last year.

Feb. 29: Miami Heat @ Denver Nuggets

We'll have to wait until February for a rematch of the 2023 NBA Finals, but it projects to be a spicy one. While there's no telling how healthy either team is by the winter, Miami will be deadset on proving last year wasn't a fluke, and Denver will look to keep the throne.

Will Nikola Jokic, last year's NBA Finals MVP, have his way again? We'll have to wait and see.