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OVER is Red-Hot When NBA Totals Reach 220 or More

When it comes to OVER/UNDERs in the NBA, the 2016-17 campaign has proven that hoops bettors shouldn’t be scared off by high numbers.

With the abundance of star power across the league, scoring is up this season, which has translated to the betting window. Oddsmakers are increasing totals as a result, and it hasn’t slowed down the OVER train. There have been 63 games with closing totals north of 220, with the O/U going 38-25 in that span, good enough to cash at a 66 percent clip.

In general, the OVER/UNDER is 322-293-5 in every game on the year. The Denver Nuggets (28-10 O/U), Phoenix Suns (26-14 O/U), Toronto Raptors (26-14 O/U), Portland Trail Blazers (26-17 O/U) and Milwaukee Bucks (25-14 O/U) rank as the top OVER bets in the Association.

For Tuesday’s slate of action, three of the five games on the board have totals of at least 220. At the time of writing, Denver-Los Angeles Lakers was sitting at 228.5, Toronto-Brooklyn was available for 226.5 and Houston-Miami was at 221. Visit our NBA odds page to stay up to date on any further movement before tipoff.

Here’s a look at the O/U for every game with a total of at least 220 this season:

NBA totals above 220 in the 2016-17 campaign
DateVisiting teamHome teamVisiting scoreHome scoreTotalOVER/UNDER
16 January 2017CavaliersWarriors91.0126.0227.5U
16 January 2017MagicNuggets112.0125.0223.5O
15 January 2017RocketsNets137.0112.0234.5O
13 January 2017NetsRaptors113.0132.0224.0O
12 January 2017PacersNuggets112.0140.0226.0O
11 January 2017CavaliersTrail Blazers86.0102.0222.0U
10 January 2017Trail BlazersLakers108.087.0228.5U
10 January 2017HornetsRockets114.0121.0226.0O
8 January 2017WarriorsKings117.0106.0226.5U
8 January 2017CavaliersSuns120.0116.0221.0O
8 January 2017RocketsRaptors129.0122.0227.5O
7 January 2017NuggetsThunder106.0121.0220.5O
6 January 2017CavaliersNets116.0108.0221.0O
6 January 2017RocketsMagic100.093.0224.0U
5 January 2017LakersTrail Blazers109.0118.0221.0O
5 January 2017ThunderRockets116.0118.0227.5O
4 January 2017Trail BlazersWarriors117.0125.0222.0O
2 January 2017NuggetsWarriors119.0127.0231.5O
2 January 2017WizardsRockets91.0101.0230.5U
31 December 2016KnicksRockets122.0129.0224.5O
29 December 2016RaptorsSuns91.099.0223.5U
28 December 2016RaptorsWarriors111.0121.0227.5O
26 December 2016SunsRockets115.0131.0230.0O
23 December 2016NetsCavaliers99.0119.0225.0U
22 December 2016WarriorsNets117.0101.0231.0U
21 December 2016RocketsSuns125.0111.0227.5O
20 December 2016NetsRaptors104.0116.0224.5U
17 December 2016Trail BlazersWarriors90.0135.0234.5U
17 December 2016RocketsTimberwolves111.0109.0220.5U
16 December 2016PelicansRockets100.0122.0224.0U
15 December 2016KnicksWarriors90.0103.0222.5U
15 December 2016Trail BlazersNuggets120.0132.0221.0O
14 December 2016LakersNets97.0107.0228.0U
13 December 2016WarriorsPelicans113.0109.0225.0U
12 December 2016NetsRockets118.0122.0229.5O
11 December 2016WarriorsTimberwolves116.0108.0225.5U
9 December 2016SunsLakers119.0115.0221.5O
9 December 2016RocketsThunder102.099.0224.5U
7 December 2016WarriorsClippers115.098.0224.0U
7 December 2016LakersRockets95.0134.0223.0O
7 December 2016NuggetsNets111.0116.0221.5O
5 December 2016PacersWarriors106.0142.0224.5O
3 December 2016SunsWarriors109.0138.0228.0O
2 December 2016RocketsNuggets128.0110.0220.0O
1 December 2016RocketsWarriors132.0127.0232.0O
27 November 2016RocketsTrail Blazers130.0114.0225.5O
27 November 2016KingsNets122.0105.0220.5O
26 November 2016TimberwolvesWarriors102.0115.0222.5U
25 November 2016WarriorsLakers109.085.0230.0U
23 November 2016LakersWarriors106.0149.0229.0O
18 November 2016WarriorsCeltics104.088.0225.0U
17 November 2016Trail BlazersRockets109.0126.0221.0O
16 November 2016SunsNuggets104.0120.0220.0O
16 November 2016WarriorsRaptors127.0121.0222.5O
13 November 2016SunsWarriors120.0133.0226.0O
10 November 2016WarriorsNuggets125.0101.0222.5O
7 November 2016PelicansWarriors106.0116.0220.5O
4 November 2016WarriorsLakers97.0117.0230.0U
3 November 2016ThunderWarriors96.0122.0222.5U
1 November 2016WarriorsTrail Blazers127.0104.0225.5O
30 October 2016WarriorsSuns106.0100.0226.5U
28 October 2016WarriorsPelicans122.0114.0223.0O
26 October 2016RocketsLakers114.0120.0223.5O