News article featuring Victor Wembanyaman's big hands and mediocre first pitch

In Case You Missed it: Wembanyama Has Huge Hands

Two days before the 2023 NBA Draft, the projected first overall pick made a quick stop at Yankee Stadium to throw out the first pitch. I have a couple of thoughts. First, it's a good thing Victor Wembanyama, currently -50000 favorite to be selected first on Thursday, stuck to basketball. Second, he's got massive hands. 

Membanyama Throws first pitch at yankees game

You'd think being 7-foot-3 would give you some sort of pitching advantage, a wider step or longer wingspan, Membanyma's is estimated at 8-feet, seems like it would make sense. 

Despite looking like a literal tree on the mound, I guess physical attributes don't always lead to accuracy. Take a look at the NBA prospect's throw:

Unfortunately, there's no second chances while doing the first pitch, that's probably why it's called the first pitch. Can't be good at everything, Victor. 

Wembanyama's Hand Swallows Baseball

My theory as to why the French basketball player's pitch was so off is because the ball got lost in his hand. Seriously, where'd it go?

The 19-year-old would need a poster board if he wanted to trace his hand. This guy takes finger-painting to a whole new level. He could cover more surface area quicker by painting the walls with his hand instead of a brush. Is he even able to text on an IPhone? I can only imagine the typos and his autocorrect must work overtime.

Who is victor wembanyama?

Born in France, Wembanyama is a giant (literally) upcoming generational talent. He has gotten tremendous praise from legends like Lebron James and referred to as one of the greatest prospects in NBA history.

He's been playing for the Metropolitans 92, a French squad, and has recorded an insane 735 points in 34 games. 

At -50000 odds, our odds calculator suggests a 99.80% chance he is selected first-overall in New York this week. Which, is the world's greatest lock. And despite the lack of profit, it doesn't stop people from betting it.

On Tuesday night someone placed a $60,000 bet that Victor Wembanyama will be drafted #1 overall in the Draft. If he’s selected first, the bettor will win a paltry $300. Not even the Drake curse could screw up this up.