East Region Trends, Computer Predictions

The Villanova Wildcats finished this past season on a 15-0 SU and 13-2 ATS run that earned them the top seed in the East Region bracket, and the Wildcats also went 14-5 ATS this year when listed as a double-digit favorite on the college basketball odds at the sportsbooks. Here's a look at the complete March Madness betting trends for the East Region of the 2015 tournament bracket.

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2015 NCAA Tournament East Region Betting Trends

East - Lafayette (16) vs Villanova (1)
Villanova finished on 15-0 SU, 13-2 ATS run
Lafayette finished year on 6-1 SU run
Villanova 14-5 ATS this season when double-digit favorites
Villanova just 1-6 ATS past seven Madness games
Villanova has lost three of its past four Madness games when favored
Villanova 2-6 ATS in Round of 64 since 2006
Villanova covered seven straight as double-digit favorites
Villanova 0-4 ATS when favored by 20 or more since 2010
Top seeds just 2-6 ATS past two Marches and 4-8 ATS over past three

East - Belmont (15) vs Virginia (2)
Belmont covered six in a row to end the season
Belmont just 7-23 SU as underdog since 2009
Belmont 0-6 SU, 1-5 ATS in Madness play
Virginia 27-3 SU past 30 games, but 1-2 past three
Virginia 1-4-1 ATS past six games as double-digit chalk

East - Albany (14) vs Oklahoma (3)
Oklahoma 1-7 ATS final eight games of season
Sooners 0-3 SU and ATS past three tournament games
Sooners won both times vs 14 seeds since 1996
Albany 19-1 SU final 20 games of season

East - UC Irvine (13) vs Louisville (4)
Louisville 2-6 ATS to end the season
UCI 7-2 SU final nine games of season
Louisville 1-5 ATS past six games as favorite
Louisville 9-4-1 ATS in tournament since 2012
Louisville 1-3 ATS vs 13 seeds since 2005

East - Wyoming (12) vs Northern Iowa (5)
Northern Iowa 10-2-1 ATS past 13 games
Only one loss since Jan. 1 (19-1 SU) for NIU
Wyoming won outright four of five games as underdogs in March
Northern Iowa 19-1 SU since losing on New Year’s Day
Northern Iowa on a 12-2-3 ATS run as favorite
First Madness appearance for Cowboys since 2002

East - Georgia (10) vs Michigan State (7)
Georgia 10-2-1 ATS past 13 games as underdog
Michigan State is 7-1 SU, 6-2 ATS past 8 Round of 64 games
Georgia 1-6 SU in tournament since 1996

East - LSU (9) vs NC State (8)
LSU 7-3 ATS final 10 games of season
LSU was 7-1 ATS as an underdog this season
OVER is 10-3 past 13 games when LSU got points from Vegas
NC State 7-2 ATS final nine games of the season

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The East Region got a surprise top seed in 2014 after Virginia won its first ACC crown since 1976. They face a Coastal Carolina team making its first tournament showing since 1993. The Cavaliers have been hot and they should reverse a past trend of bracket losses (1-4 SU past five games).

The 2 seed is Villanova, a team that has limped to a 1-6 ATS mark in first-round games over the years. They were upset in the Big East, a result that snapped their 10-game winning streak. They face a Milwaukee team that finished hot and has been tough as an underdog.

NC Central has won 20 straight, but the 14-seed is a big dog against Big 12 Sportsbook Iowa State. In the 6 vs 11 pairing, UNC has been profitable in the first round, while Providence has failed to cover its past four tournament games.

2014 East Region Betting Trends

1 vs 16
Virginia vs Coastal Carolina
Coastal Carolina won and covered all three games in Big South Tournament
First time in tourney since 1993 for Coastal Carolina
Virginia 17-1 SU past 18 games
Virginia 6-1-1 ATS past eight games
Virginia just 1-4 SU in tournament since 1997

2 vs 15
Villanova vs Milwaukee
Villanova 26-4 SU past 30 games, but upset in league playoffs
Villanova 10-1 SU, 8-3 ATS past 11 games as favorites
Villanova 0-5 ATS past five tournament games
Villanova 1-6 ATS past seven first-round games
Milwaukee won and covered five straight to end the season
Milwaukee 6-2 SU, 7-1 ATS past eight games as underdogs
Milwaukee 4-2 ATS in tournament since 2003

3 vs 14
Iowa State vs NC Central
Iowa State 5-1 ATS past six games as favorites
ISU 6-1 SU, 5-2 ATS in first-round games since 1996
NC Central won 20 in a row SU, won MEAC championship

4 vs 13
Michigan State vs Delaware
MSU won and covered five straight on way to Big Ten title
MSU 7-3 ATS past 10 as double-digit favorite, but lost twice SU in that role
MSU 12-4 SU, 10-6 ATS in first-round games
Delaware 19-2 SU since January 2014,
Delaware 10-3 ATS past 13 games as underdogs

5 vs 12
Cincinnati vs Harvard
Cincinnati 1-4 ATS past five games
OVER is 6-1-1 past 8 first-round games for Bearcats
Harvard 26-4 SU past 30 games
Harvard 6-1 ATS final seven games of 2014 Ivy League season
UNDER is 9-1 past 10 games when Harvard underdog

6 vs 11
UNC vs Providence
North Carolina ended year on 0-5 ATS run
UNC 4-1 ATS past five first-round games
Providence 7-2 ATS final nine games of season
OVER is 9-1 past 10 Providence games
Providence 9-3 ATS past 12 games as underdogs
Providence 0-4 ATS past four tournament games since 1997

7 vs 10
UConn vs St. Josephs
UConn UNDER is 13-1 past 14 games
UConn 10-5-1 ATS past 16 games
Saint Josephs 9-2 SU past 11 games
Saint Josephs 0-3 ATS past three first-round games

8 vs 9
Memphis vs George Washington
Memphis 2-6-1 ATS past nine games overall
Memphis 1-4 ATS past five first-round games
OVER is 13-4-1 past 18 George Washington games as underdogs
George Washington 0-4-1 ATS past five tournament games


Miami has been an OVER machine at tournament time and Pacific has been terrible as an underdog. Both situations occur in the same game as East Region betting tips off. And the trends point to No. 2 Hurricanes handling Pacific and advancing.

This bracket has Indiana at the top and they await the Sportsbook of LIU and JMU. The Hoosiers have been money in the bank in their first games of Madness, going 6-1 ATS the past seven trips to the Big Dance.

Butler is dangerous, but few expect them to pull enough upsets to climb from the 6 seed. NC State boasts some solid trends as they tangle with Temple, a team that is 0-6-1 ATS in its last seven tournament games.

And while Marquette is the No. 3 seed, they could face danger in Davidson, Sportsbooks of 17 straight and owners of a solid 6-2 ATS run in eight recent Madness contests.

2013 East Region Betting Trends

Preview: Computer Prediction: 74-72 Long Island
Long Island 15-3 SU past 18 games
James Madison 7-1 ATS past 8 games
Sportsbook plays:
Indiana UNDER 7-2 past 9 as double-digit favorite
Indiana 6-1 ATS past 7 first-round games

Preview: Computer Prediction: 80-77 NC State
NC State 6-1 ATS past 7 games as favorite
Temple OVER 13-3 past 16 games
Temple 8-2 ATS past 10 as underdog
UNDER is 7-1 past 8 NC State tournament games
NC State 6-2 ATS in tournament since 2005
Temple 0-6-1 ATS past 7 tournament games

Preview: Computer Prediction: 75-70 UNLV
UNLV 4-1 SU and ATS vs Cal since 2002
Cal is 1-5 ATS past 6 tournament games
UNLV 0-4 SU & ATS in tournament since 2008

Preview: Computer Prediction: 78-73 Syracuse
Syracuse is 2-5 ATS past 7 tournament games
Montana 7-0 ATS past 7 games

Preview: Computer Prediction: 74-70 Bucknell
Butler 16-2 SU past 18 games as favorite
Bucknell 15-2 SU past 17 games
Butler is 9-1 ATS past 10 tournament games
UNDER is 8-2-1 past 11 Butler tournament games

Preview: Computer Prediction: 78-73 Davidson
Marquette 12-1 SU past 13 games as favorite
Davidson won 17 straight to end season
Marquette 3-6 ATS past 9 first-round games
Marquette UNDER is 5-1 past 6 March Madness games
Davidson 6-2 ATS past 8 Madness games

Preview: Computer Prediction: 71-70 Colorado
Illinois 1-6 ATS past 7 games
Illinois 13-2 SU past 15 games as favorite
Colorado UNDER 7-1 past 8 games as underdog
UNDER is 13-3 past 16 Colorado games
Illinois has alternated ATS wins and losses past 10 games (win is due)

Preview: Computer Prediction: 75-69 Miami
Miami 17-2 SU past 19 games as favorite
Pacific won 7 in a row SU to end season
Pacific lost 8 in a row SU as underdog
Miami played 7 straight tournament OVERs