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Do you play your March Madness bracket game like a lottery, hoping a few bucks can turn into $1 million, or do you handicap it like a sports bettor, grinding out wins and trying to claim the smaller, guaranteed prize?

This is the main difference in March Madness bracket contests that pop up by the dozen - and maybe the answer to the question above is this: I like to play them all!

We scanned the web for some of the best 2014 March Madness Bracket Games out there, some with huge lottery-style payouts, others with more conservative numbers but with guaranteed prizes that sometimes result in more payouts.

If bracket games are not your tournament betting cup of tea, check out odds on every game in March Madness, the NIT, the collegeinsider.com tournament, and more.

The $25,000 Bracket Buster game at [custom:bodog-link] is fun and free and a Facebook app you can play and share with your friends. Pick winners, share your picks and qualify for a part of the prize pool.

The $25 Million Big Prize game at 5Dimes has a much bigger grand prize but you have to pick a perfect bracket to claim the $25 million. They also offer office pool contest brackets where they pay out 100% of the proceeds and this is a great consolation prize if you are handicapping well.

The $150,000 bracket contest at Bovada is a great game that fits in between these previous two contests. Bigger guaranteed amounts, more work, more geared towards the serious handicapper while catering to the casual fan who just wants to fill out a bracket and follow along.

The $100,000 Bracket Challenge at Sportsbook.ag is another great contest and they also offer a free March Madness bet up to $100 when you join this week.