Big line move in Alabama-Arkansas

Early sharp money and a differing opinions in Vegas caused a significant change to the Alabama-Arkansas spread.

Alabama opened as 15.5-point favorite, but the line had surged to -21 as of Tuesday morning.

The availability of Arkansas quarterback Tyler Wilson, who did not practice Tuesday, certainly played in a role in the giant move. But six points? 
If you look back further when books like Sportsbook posted Games of the Year lines, it’s actually a 15-point move, as the Crimson Tide were just around a touchdown favorite against the Hogs this summer.
Dave Mason, brand manager for Sportsbook, said his shop took some early sharp money on the Crimson Tide, and the public has continued to pile on Alabama.
The Las Vegas Sportsbook sportsbook was the first to open the game and posted Alabama has a 13-point favorite. It grew to -14 overnight. But Nevada oddsmakers had differing opinions on this game, as several, including the Las Vegas Hotel & SuperBook, opened Alabama as 20-point favorites on Monday. It was as high as 21 on Wednesday.
Sportsbook, which opened at -21 after the market settled, reported 80 percent of the early action was on Alabama.
“No sharps are touching it,” Sportsbook oddsmaker Kevin Bradley said.