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College Football OVER/UNDER Betting

OVER/UNDER or totals bets are wagers made on the combined number of points scored by both teams. In a pretend matchup between Missouri and Purdue, the total might be set at 60.5. If you were to bet the OVER, you would need both the Tigers and the Boilermakers to score a combined number of points at 61 or higher. If you were to bet the UNDER, both teams would need to score a combined number of points of 60 or lower.

Be Wary of Explosive Offensives when Betting the UNDER

Explosive, fast offenses are an UNDER bettor’s worst nightmare – unless you are afraid of sharks then fast offenses would be your second worst nightmare. Uptempo offensives that run plays fast and score faster are more likely to see their score sail way OVER the posted total. In cases where teams are known for their explosive offense, the totals can’t seem to be set high enough and you should avoid taking the UNDER if you think the number isn’t high enough.

Fast offenses make for good OVER bets for numerous reasons. Not only does their tempo give them more chances to score, but it also gives opposing defenses less time to reset, which can lead to more points against.

Even when starters are pulled later in the game during a blowout, the backups can continue to run up the score as their coaches will want them to get experience running the offense at the same speed – not to be confused with Speed, the 5th highest grossing film of 1994.

Look for NCAA football teams that are installing these uptempo offenses and putting up big numbers early in the season. Bettors who can find these sorts of teams before the betting public catches on can usually get a lot of value on the OVER bets.

Don’t Bet Blindly on OVERS

So, you know how we just said to look for uptempo teams to bet the OVER? Well, don’t do it blindly. You’ll need to do some research on both teams playing in the matchup you’ve chosen to bet on. Yes, the rapidly evolving fast-paced offensive game in college football is leading to higher-scoring games. But, it is also leading to higher totals set across the board.

While some teams are worth betting on the OVER, there is often value to be found going the other way on the UNDER instead.

For example, a team that runs a standard pro-style offense that is putting up a ton of points against weak out-of-conference foes might get a load of hype and see huge totals set when conference play begins.

However, against teams that aren’t totally mismatched on defense and getting beat on every play, these offenses won’t be nearly as productive, and the UNDER bettors will come out on top.

Focus not only on how many points a team scores, but also how it scores those points.

Most offensive schemes do very well against some defenses and poorly against others, and college football bettors willing to take the time to research these offensive vs defensive matchups can crush OVER/UNDER betting at their sportsbook of choice.