Seth Henigan's Tigers are featured in Ecks-Rated Tales From Vegas

Ecks-Rated Tales From Vegas: Lox & Bagels

What are the two most important things about LOX & BAGELS?

Our record is PERFECTION!

Yea, it's a small sample size, but 1-0 is ONE & OH! And maybe the BEST part is, it's FREE! We can not guarantee perfection all season long, but we CAN GUARANTEE that it's gonna be FREE for as long as you stop by for a read.

Lox & Bagel: Memphis vs Navy

So where we goin? How about down to Graceland to say hey to Elvis, then Uber over to Simmons Bank Liberty Stadium to rock Memphis over Navy.

Normally, we would look to grab the Midshipmen plus the 14.5 point bundle, but NOT in this spot. Why? Well, these Tigers are 2-0 and put 93 points on the scoreboard. Understand that it was against Bethune-Cookman and Arkansas State, but 93 is still NINETY THREE!!! And the Memphis QB, Seth Henigan, is EN FUEGO!

Henigan has completed over 73% of his passes for 573 yards with 4 TDs. Last season, Seth dissected Navy, hitting on 24-of-34 for 415 yards and 2 TDs.

But the real gem we uncovered is, the results from the last few games in this series. Ryan Silverfield took over in 2020 and the Tigers HAVE NOT LOST to Navy. And Silverfield has been able to stymie the sailor boys in each of those games, allowing only 7 points in 2020, 17 points in 2021 and 13 points last season.

The final score of that game was 37-13, on the road, and we're expecting a similar look on the board after 60 minutes in front of the delirious home crowd.

Putting some LOX on my bagel for another sweet W!!!    

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