Matt Rhule Next Job Odds

Matt Rhule Next Job Odds: Nebraska-Bound?

The inevitable finally happened. The Carolina Panthers’ Matt Rhule era has come to an end. With 11 wins across three seasons (most good teams get that many in one year), Rhule’s tenure didn’t go so well. But it doesn’t seem like he’ll be out of a job for long.

Why was Rhule fired? And where will he land? Let’s explore these Matt Rhule next job odds below.

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Why Was Matt Rhule Fired In Carolina?

Simply put, Rhule was fired by the Carolina Panthers because they lost a lot of football games. Rhule’s Panthers never sniffed the playoffs and never played particularly well on either side of the ball.

At the time of Rhule’s firing after Week 5 of the 2022 season, his Panthers ranked as the worst offense by yards per game and the 13th-worst defense in the same stat.

Sure, he didn’t have much help from castoff QBs like Sam Darnold, Baker Mayfield or Cam Newton (the return). But the creative play-caller and great leader that helped turn around Baylor a few years ago just didn’t show up in Carolina.

Matt Rhule’s Betting Records
School/TeamSU Record (Profit)ATS Record (Profit)
Baylor (2017-19)19-20 (-$704.81)20-18-1 (+$34)
Carolina Panthers (2020-22)11-27 (-$1277.58)15-23 (-$938.09)

Matt Rhule Next Job Odds:

Despite Rhule’s lack of success at the NFL level, he’s immediately become a hot commodity for coaching positions back in the college ranks. Rhule had success at Baylor and Temple before moving to the Panthers, and he’ll be atop the interview lists for some of college football’s top programs this winter.

Where Will Rhule Work Next As A Head Coach?
Arizona State+750
Texas A&M+1600
Any NFL Team+3300

Odds as of October 12 at Sportsbook

As the odds show, Rhules probably not hopping over to another NFL job any time soon. Like Urban Meyer and Chip Kelly before him, the college life may just be better suited for him.

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Why Rhule’s Favored For Nebraska

For decades, the Nebraska Cornhuskers were a formidable force in college football. But in recent years, they’ve slipped into Tier 2 — and arguably worse. Rhule is a proven program builder, righting the ship in Baylor and bringing some good seasons to Temple, and Nebraska needs someone to resurrect its image.

The money and clout are there for long-term success at Nebraska, and they just need the big name at coach. Even after his Carolina flop, Rhule brings that name.

Best Bet For Rhule’s Next Job: Wisconsin

Matt Rhule was a linebacker at Penn State before getting his start with the Nittany Lions as a volunteer assistant coach. While the Penn State job isn’t open, the Wisconsin Sportsbook offers up a lot of the same.

Like Penn State, Wisconsin is a Big Ten school with big expectations, with a clear recruiting area and a great but isolated college campus. Nebraska has some of these too, but Wisconsin is more of a known commodity. If Rhule wants to avoid the same extensive rebuild he was tasked with at Baylor and Carolina, the Badgers gig is an obvious choice.

The biggest issue for Rhule getting the Badgers gig is that interim coach Jim Leonhard is seen as the clear top choice at Wisconsin.

Stay Away from Texas A&M

If the Texas A&M job comes open, Rhule would certainly be a fit for the national championship-caliber program. But the issue is that the Aggies aren’t firing Jimbo Fisher any time soon.

In order to fire Fisher this year, Texas A&M would have to pay an $86-million buyout. That’s just to get rid of the current coach and wouldn’t account for the new contract of Rhule or any other coach. Sure, A&M and most SEC schools are loaded with funds – but not enough to be throwing around a buyout that big.

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