Miami Hurricanes Booster Scandal Odds

It hasn’t been invoked since 1987 but NCAA officials have not ruled out using the ‘death penalty’ in disciplining the Miami Hurricanes football program.

In the wake of the booster scandal which continues to erupt this NFL preseason, Miami officials are sweating out the start of an investigation that is certain to yield suspensions and penalties.

Just how severe those penalties will be is the subject of new University of Miami booster scandal odds being offered today at Sportsbook Sportsbook. [ Check out the college football prop odds by clicking here ]

The so-called NCAA death penalty – invoked for repeated and ongoing violations in 1987 against the SMU Mustangs football program – has only been used once, but NCAA officials say it’s on the table as convicted ponzi schemer Nevin Shapiro squeals in prison.

The death penalty means the team is kicked out of the sport for a year. In SMU’s case, they went two seasons with a football team after being the lifeblood of the Dallas area college scene for decades.

Sportsbook oddsmakers list ‘yes’ as the favored position on that wager at -130, while a ‘no’ wager is -110.

They also believe the suspensions will be severe, even if they are spared the death penalty. Expect a post-season ban and Sportsbook has set three years as the over-under number. More than three years would be unprecedented, hence the UNDER is the -130 position.

And they have set odds on how many current Miami players will be suspended as a result of the investigation, as Shapiro claims he funnelled cash, hookers and other benefits to players over an 8-year period.

Sportsbook has the OVER 11.5 players as the favored wagering line. That would potentially devastate the Miami roster and its ACC season.

Will Al Golden be the head coach of the Miami Hurricanes for the 2012-2013 season?
Yes +110
No    -150

Will the Miami Hurricanes receive the Death Penalty?
Yes -130
No  -110

How many years of postseason ban will the Miami Hurricanes receive?
Over 3  -110
Under 3 -130

Total number of current Miami Hurricanes players that will be suspended?
Over 11.5  -150
Under 11.5 +110

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