Ohio State odds drop on QB Miller injury

How much does one awkward football throw affect the college football championship odds?

If the awkward throw injures the shoulder of Heisman Trophy candidate Braxton Miller, then Ohio State’s odds to win the college football national championship would plunge from 10-1 to 18-1.

“Until we hear his MRI results this morning, the only thing we have reopened for now is Championship Odds,” said Kevin Bradley of Sportsbook this morning.

*Editor Note: It was later confirmed Miller will miss the season and the OSU title odds plunged to 40-1.

"Ohio State was a major contender at 10-1 to win the National Championship and considering Braxton Miller was a frontrunner for the Heisman at 15-2, this injury has impacted their odds drastically going from 10-1 to 18-1 amidst the rumors of the injury and now are confirmed at 40-1. Michigan State and Wisconsin will now surpass them as favorites for the Big Ten and only time will tell if we are over-adjusting on the Buckeyes, even though they still have a fairly easy schedule," said Bradley.

The star quarterback fell to the ground during practice clutching his shoulder Monday. The hopes of OSU making the college football playoff fell with him.

Another sportsbook quickly adjusted their lines, moving the Buckeyes to 20-1. Online sportsbook Sportsbook also dropped their odds to win the Big Ten behind both Wisconsin and Michigan State at 3-1.

Miller's Heisman Trophy odds also dipped to 13-1, well behind Jameis Winston at Florida State and Marus Mariota at Oregon.

The Buckeyes open against Navy and that line has been taken off the board at some shops and the line had dipped at Sportsbook to -16.5 for OSU from an open of -19.5. Watch for Ohio State odds to change pending his medical updates today.