fantasy Football team names 2023.

The Best Fantasy Football Team Names For 2023

Let's get real. You're going to lose your fantasy football league this season.

Your second-round pick is going to tear his ACL, none of your sleepers will pan out (they never do), and you'll be scratching and clawing for a playoff spot all NFL season long. You've a better shot of being in the Toilet Bowl than the Super Bowl.

So, at least make sure you have a funny and punny team name. Here are my eight favorite fantasy football team names for the 2023 NFL season:

8. Dak To The Future

Great Scott! If you don't like niche pop culture references or puns, this is your last chance to back out.

This first fantasy football team name's a fun reference to the '80s film franchise and the Cowboys QB. If you want to get even more niche, how about Dak to the Future III, when they go back to the wild west and my personal fav of the franchise. There's also a real subliminal message here about how Cowboys fans have to go back in time if they want to see their team have any success (ouch).

Image From Cheat Sheet War Room

If you're really looking for a Prescott-themed team name, here's a bonus one for ya: Dakstreet Boys.

7. Tuafinity and Beyond

There are a few potential references here. The first, and obvious one, is the Buzz Lightyear catchphrase from Toy Story mixed with Miami QB Tua Tagovailoa.

Or, maybe it's a reference to how far the Dolphins could go in the playoffs if Tua would just stay healthy? The Fins are 12th in Super Bowl odds right now, but a little offensive line help could go a long way.

6. Yippee Ki-Yay Justin Tucker

This fantasy football team name is an ode to the NFL's best kicker and one of the film's most iconic catchphrases. Not sure there are two men more reliable than Die Hard's John McClane and Baltimore's Justin Tucker. Fun fact: there are as many movies in the Die Hard film franchise (5) as Tucker has missed extra points over the last four seasons... combined.

5. Judge Jeudy

I'm pretty sure the Supreme Court would be far less controversial if The Right Honorable Judge Jerry Jeudy sat on the panel.

The 23-year-old Broncos receiver had a solid season last year, racking up 972 yards and six touchdowns. And now he can be the face of your fantasy football team with a clever nod to one of television's most iconic courtroom shows.

Judge Jeudy

4.  Oh Saquon You See

This one's for all you patriots out there (not the New England football team).

If you're looking to pledge allegiance to the NFL star with the thickest legs and highest fantasy upside, this is your team name. 

There isn't a non-QB more important for his team's overall success this year than Barkley for the New York Giants. The 26-year-old ran for 1312 yards, 10 touchdowns, and added 338 more yards in the air in 2022. The G-Men didn't have a single other RB or WR pick up more than 750 yards last year, aside from Saquon. Daniel Jones and Saquon ARE the Giants' offense.

3. FriGoff Barb

If you're familiar with Sunnyvale Trailer Park, you've told someone to frig off (or probably been told to yourself). One of the iconic phrases from Lahey, Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles (combined with Detroit's Jared Goff) it's the perfect reference for your 2023 fantasy football team name.

2. Lamarvel Cinematic Universe

The MCU and the Ravens' offense peaked three or four years ago and have both taken a step back in recent years. But, there's still a natural Avengers crossover to bring both back to the top:

Captain America: Lamar Jackson
Thor: Mark Andrews
The Hulk: Pat Ricard
Nick Fury: John Harbaugh
Dr. Strange: OBJ
Iron Man: Gus Edwards
Hawkeye: Joe Flacco (for old time's sake?)

1. Olave Garden

Unlimited breadsticks? Unlimited championships for your fantasy football team? Sounds great.

Here are three fun facts about Olive Garden if you're not already sold on this Saints WR/pasta joint crossover name:

  • The first Olive Garden was opened in Orlando, FL
  • The original ‘unlimited’ deal was salad, not breadsticks. The original slogan: “Good Times, Great Salad, Olive Garden”
  • There are locations in 12 different countries, including El Salvador and Aruba

Historical Fantasy Football Team Names

If you want to kick it old school, here are five more fantasy football team names for retired MVP candidates and coaches:

  1. Cry Me A Rivers (Philip Rivers)
  2. Turn Down For Watt (JJ Watt)
  3. Breesy Does It (Drew Brees)
  4. Gronky Kong (Rob Gronkowski)
  5. Scorerannosaurus Rex (Rex Ryan or Rex Grossman)