Caldwell NFL Coach Hot Seat Odds

Indianapolis started the season with playoff expectations and Super Bowl aspirations.

It all unravelled as Peyton Manning’s neck injury unravelled in training camp. Now instead of shooting for a repeat of their 14-0 start a few years back and being mentioned in Super Bowl XLVI odds, the Colts are subject to humiliating odds.

Such as, which NFL coach will be the first to be fired or resign? The odds at online sportsbook Sportsbook list Colts boss Jim Caldwell as the top pick at 2/3 odds ($2 won for every $3 wagered). Ken Whisenhunt in Arizona is next at 2/1 while Steve Spagnuolo in St. Louis is 3/1. The Colts and Rams are both winless while Arizona is playing well below expectations.

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Miami head coach Tony Sparano didn’t make the list despite his winless season. Although speculation and rumors have already begun about former Steelers boss Bill Cowher possibly in line for his job in 2012.

The Colts are also included in the ignominious betting line concerning a repeat of the Detroit Lions 0-16 season back in 2008. Sportsbook asks the question, will any team go 0-16 this year and posts the ‘no’ answer at -1000 odds. A ‘yes’ bet would pay out +600 ($600 for every $100 risked) if either the Rams, Colts or Dolphins fail to win.

The special Week 8 prop odds list also focuses again on Denver QB Tim Tebow. Bettors started heavily on the Broncos after Tebow took over the starting job and Sportsbook has nearly a dozen prop bets on him.

"With Tim Tebow playing for the Broncos we saw more action on the Denver this week than we have in a long time,” said Sportsbook sportsbook manager Richard Gardner. “Week 8 it will be interesting to see how the bettors treat their game against the Lions since Detroit has also become a very publicly bet team this season, either way Tebow is good for the game and good for the book, even though he costs us a lot last week."

In the wake of last week’s wild games (62-7 win by the Saints over Indy and a 6-3 win by Cleveland against Seattle), Sportsbook posted props related to those games. What will be the biggest margin of victory for the res tof the season? Sportsbook set it at 36.5 points.

And they are offering odds on any touchdown-less games for the rest of the year (the ‘no’ is the favoured position at -145).