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You read about all the crazy Super Bowl props last week, but which answers actually won the bets?

The coin toss went to the AFC Patriots, the first time in 15 years that the NFC has not won it. The Patriots elected to kick off, a rare occurrence.

If you bet on the national anthem, there were five answers with most of the money on how long it would take Kelly Clarkson to sing it (it went over 1:34 seconds).

Check out the full list of answers from the Super Bowl props offered at Bovada.

-National Anthem over 1 minute 34 seconds

-Kelly Clarkson wore “Anything else”

-Kelly Clarkson Belly was not showing

-Kelly Clarkson did not forget or omit a word

-Madonna’s Hair was blonde

-Madonna did wear fishnets

-Madonna did wear a hat

-Madonna did not wear an NFL Shirt or Jersey

-Peyton Manning was shown on TV under 3.5 times

-Giselle Bundchen was shown on TV over 0.5 times

-Andrew Luck was not mentioned at all

-Jim Irsay was not mentioned at all

-David Tyree’s catch was not shown

-Mitt Romney was not shown

-Robert Kraft was shown over 3.5 times

-Tom Brady’s son was not shown at all so all wagers were refunded

-Gatorade shower was purple. Purple was not an option so all wagers were refunded

-MVP did not thank anyone