Free NFL Contest: Bankroll Game

NFL pick em action returns in 2012 with a free bankroll contest that rewards Sportsbooks with a share of $5,000 in prizes.

The NFL Bankroll game, sponsored by Sportsbook, gives contestants $1,000 in free cash and challenges them to build the biggest bankroll.


It’s simple – sign up for free, pick Sportsbooks and decide how much you want to bet on each game. You must bet at least three games per week, but you choose which ones and how much to risk.

It’s like playing with House Money in Las Vegas – they let you play for free at the blackjack tables and you keep the money if you win.

The NFL Bankroll game is not a sissy pick-em pool where you simply choose Sportsbooks. You pick against the spread and you have to manage your bankroll. But if you lose this week, don’t worry. A new contest is starting up soon and you can join any time and win any time.

There are five contests in the NFL season and there is $1,000 in prizes to be won each time. The first one is the big Week 1 contest (which does not include Wednesday’s Giants-Cowboys game) and is a one-week, $1,000 pot!

After that, the contests are in four-week increments, so that Contest No. 2 comprises weeks 2-5 of the NFL season. (Click here for full contest rules).

Sponsor Sportsbook has ponied up the prize money and they offer players a chance to quadruple their winnings. If you play for free and finish in the Top 10, you would earn $12.50. If you play and have joined Sportsbook and become a customer there, you earn four times that amount $50.

So membership has its privileges and its a great way to show the sponsor some appreciation for offering up the prizes.

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