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Harry’s Hypothetical Prop Shop: Thanksgiving Edition

First, I’d like to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. We all have memories of our own traditional Thanksgiving and football has always been a part of this special day for me.

When I was growing up, my family would go to my Italian grandparents’ home for Thanksgiving and my grandmother would bake lasagna — which I actually preferred — instead of turkey as part of a full Italian meal. The food was unbelievable but their television in the 1980s wasn’t. We weren’t allowed to watch football while we were eating (Grandma’s rules) but when we could finally watch the games, the picture on her television was always tinted lime green for some reason and she never had it fixed.

So at like 12 years old I’m watching a green screen and had basically no idea what team scored unless I was like a foot away from the screen and even then she would yell at me and tell me I’m going to go blind sitting that close to the television. Good times, right?

Since then, times — and, thank God, televisions — have changed and at 22 I moved to Las Vegas where I worked as a casino supervisor and I actually liked working on Thanksgiving. If you think it would be quiet on that day in a casino, you’d better think again. People in Las Vegas needed an excuse to get out of the house at some point during the day so they would file in to watch football and the sportsbook would be packed.

I’ve been out of the casino business for a while and for the past six years I have gone to my pal Cousin Sal’s house for the holiday. The host of our podcast Against All Odds with Cousin Sal, he and his family do Thanksgiving right and since he is a devoted Cowboys fan, it’s a huge day at the Iacono household with football being on and in the air from the second we all wake up (I always stay at his house as well).

This year, though, I promised my girlfriend I would go back to her hometown of Salt Lake City for the holiday and her grandmother’s 90th birthday and, from what I heard through my girlfriend’s father, the grandmother cooks an extremely dry and tasteless turkey. Oh, and to add insult to injury, the whole state of Utah is getting hit with a massive snowstorm. Good times again?

To try to make light of the situation, let me tell you I can eat — a lot. So the good people at Odds Shark and I would like to start our own tradition before my dinner disaster and stream a challenge, or prop bet if you will, on a special Thanksgiving edition of Guys & Bets.

How Many Wings Can I Eat?

The setting will be a bar and I will use the OVER/UNDER for the Bears-Lions game (39) as a target or prop for eating chicken wings (screw turkey, I don’t even like it that much and truly do miss my grandmother’s homemade lasagna). Yes, 39 wings sounds like a ton, but again I can pound back the wings and I should be able to, considering I grew up a couple of hours away from Buffalo, so I guess it’s in my blood. I did a practice run this past weekend and I put down 20 with ease, so 39 is a reachable number (by the way, not judging me here, I’m not judging you lol).

If I’m going to reach this number, it’s probably best to go at it gradually instead of eating like an animal at first and then not having anything left in the tank at the end. I have the utmost confidence in myself but the motivation for me in case I’m slowing down is that the more wings I eat, the less I’ll be able to eat later at my girlfriend’s grandmother’s house.

How many Wings Will I eat during the Guys & Bets stream?
OVER 39-110
UNDER 39-110

Odds to win Pros vs Joe

Aside from my wing challenge, our own Guys & Bets host Joe Osborne will have ex-NFL greats Steven Jackson and Patrick Willis on the show talking about the games and they will be having a football picking contest called Pros vs Joe in which they get one point each for picking the game, the total and a prop for each Thanksgiving Day game.

One of the picks (The Money Pick) will be worth two points for a possible total of 10 points. This will be a lot of fun to hear everyone’s breakdown of the games and I’m here at the Prop Shop to set odds on who wins the contest.

Odds to win Pros vs Joes
Joe Osborne-200
Patrick Willis+140
Steven Jackson+280

Joe Osborne -200

Joe does this for a living, he’s a great buddy and a consummate professional (plus I owe him one since I busted his chops about his singing on Guys & Bets last week).

Patrick Willis +140

The ex-linebacker might just know a little about what to pick prop-wise since a couple of very good defenses in the Bears and Bills are playing on Thursday.

Steven Jackson +280

Sorry to Steven, even though he’s from Las Vegas. I met him on a flight in 2007 as we were going to the Giants-Buccaneers game and he was so incredibly nice, but he took Tampa Bay in the game against my New York Giants, so while he’s a heck of a guy, his NFL picks are highly questionable.

Thanksgiving Day Special Props

As for the games themselves, here are a couple of my special Turkey Day props on Harry’s Hypothetical Prop Shop:

When Joe Buck and Troy Aikman of Fox present the Galloping Gobbler award for the MVP of the Bears-Lions game, will the MVP be a defensive or offensive player?

Odds to win the Galloping Gobbler Award
Defensive Player-150
Offensive Player+120

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones will be shown plenty during the Bills-Cowboys game, as will broadcaster Tony Romo, a new pal of mine I met and talked golf with at Sal’s annual Halloween party. From kickoff to the last snap, who will be seen more on television?

Who Will be Shown More on Camera?
Jerry Jones-240
Tony Romo+190

Since it’s a big day for Jerry Jones and we all know he likes to talk, will he talk trash after the Bills-Cowboys game about his head coach, Jason Garrett (and I think we all can determine what trash talk consists of)?

Will Jerry Jones Talk Trash About Jason Garrett After Bills-Cowboys?

All of this is fantastic stuff and a lot to digest (not including the wings) so let’s have fun with all of this on Thanksgiving Day. Everyone out there have a great holiday and don’t forget to check out Guys & Bets on Thanksgiving Day for my chicken wing challenge and Joe Osborne’s Pros vs Joe NFL game picking contest with ex-football greats Steven Jackson and Patrick Willis

And for some props you can actually bet, check out the NFL props section at BetOnline.