Jay Cutler Super Bowl Questions

Poor Jay Cutler can’t escape the taunts and jabs two weeks after his NFC title game injury.

Players and commentators continue to chirp about his toughness. The paparazzi follow him to the restaurant and comment on how much of a limp he has (and, fairly or unfairly, how much of a wimp he is).

It’s Super Bowl week, where the focus should be on Big Ben and Aaron Rodgers but the Bears QB still manages to make headlines. And now it seems his injury infamy has even helped inject him into a Super Bowl contest.

Over at ProperBowl.com, they ask 25 questions about the Steelers vs Packers game (ranging from coin toss Sportsbook to longest field goal to game MVP) and one asks ‘will either Big Ben or Aaron wimp out with a marginal injury?’

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“It’s a little bit of overkill, but football is a tough game, it’s a game for warriors and playing with injuries,” said Jack Randall, the hockey and MMA guru here at OddsShark.com. “You gotta get back on the field even if your leg is broken or your arm is hanging limp like a piece of meat.”

Granted, most of the questions at one of the web’s most innovative games focus on the task at hand and players on the Steelers and Packers. And with $2,500 in guaranteed prizes, 45 prizes of $45 each and the fun of having a little bit of action on every play, it adds plenty of spice to Super Bowl Sunday.

And the questions they don’t ask at ProperBowl.com, they certainly ask at Sportsbook. It’s the biggest list of Super Bowl prop odds ever at Sportsbook and ranges from how long Christina Aguilera will hold the final note of The Star Spangled Banner to whether the MVP will thank God, his coach, his teammates or nobody at all in his acceptance speech.

Check back later this week for in-depth handicapping analysis and trends of the big game.