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Super Bowl 52 Prop Bet Results

The Super Bowl offers an avalanche of prop betting opportunities that are impossible to keep track of. Well, that’s probably an exaggeration. I’m sure if you really put your mind to it, you could keep track of them all. But, your focus should be on enjoying the game and seeing how much food you can eat without vomiting.

So, let us take care of tracking the props. Below you’ll find a list of the most popular prop bets for Super Bowl 52. Be sure to check in throughout the game as results will be updated as they happen.

Prop BetResultOdds
National Anthem O/U TimeUNDER-120
Pink’s Hair ColorBlond-300
Pink’s AttirePants/Shorts/Leggings-360
Will Pink display cleavage? No-325
Coin Toss ResultHeads-105
First Offensive PlayPass-120
Color Of Bill Belichick’s Shirt At KickoffBlue-150
Team to Score FirstEagles+115
First Score of the GameField Goal+110
First Touchdown ScorerAlshon Jeffery+1200
Patriots’ First Touchdown Scorer James White+700
Eagles’ First Touchdown ScorerAlshon Jeffery+500
Who Will Throw The First Touchdown Pass?Nick Foles+160
Who Will Throw The First Interception?Nick Foles-150
How many yards will the first TD of the game be?34 Yards+500
Anytime Touchdown ScorerAlshon Jeffery+175
Anytime Touchdown ScorerLeGarrette Blount+200
Anytime Touchdown ScorerJames White+175
Anytime Touchdown ScorerNick Foles+1000
Anytime Touchdown ScorerRob Gronkowski-150
Anytime Touchdown ScorerCorey Clement+300
Anytime Touchdown ScorerChris Hogan+225
Anytime Touchdown ScorerZach Ertz+140
What Will Justin Timberlake Open The Halftime Show With?Filthy+165
Justin Timberlake’s shoe color when he begins the halftime showWhite-120
Will Justin Timberlake be wearing a hat when he begins halftime show?NoEVEN
MVP winnerNick Foles+325
Will a flea flicker be attempted during the game?No-200
Will there be an onside kick attempt?No+150
Gatorade Shower ColorYellow+225
Margin of VictoryEagles By 8+750
Which team will score last?Eagles+110
Tom Brady O/U Passing YardsOVER 289.5-150
Nick Foles O/U Passing Yards OVER 242.5-140
Tom Brady O/U Touchdown Passes OVER 2.0-165
Nick Foles O/U Touchdown PassesOVER 1.5-140
Zach Ertz O/U Receiving YardsOVER 57.5-135
Rob Gronkowski O/U Receiving YardsOVER 75.5-115
Danny Amendola O/U Receiving YardsOVER 50.5-130
Brandin Cooks O/U Receiving YardsUNDER 67.5-115