McNabb Odds - Redskins vs Eagles

Just four weeks into his career as a Washington Redskin, Donovan McNabb is back in Philadelphia. The former Eagles’ quarterback has revenge on his mind after being traded in the off-season. Sportsbook betting analyst Al Dannity breaks down the big games in the NFL this weekend.

Article courtesy of {URL=…}Sportsbook {/URL}. Unfortunately for McNabb he has several things going against him. First off, Washington’s offense stinks. In fact the Redskins just plain stink in general. This is a team that got stomped by the Rams. Take all that into consideration and then look at what McNabb is up against. Michael Vick has already got hacks talking about a possible MVP season for the man who started the year as back-up to Kevin Kolb. With weapons like DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin at his disposal, it’s no wonder Vick is playing like a more traditional drop-back passer.

Eagles Redskins Pick - Bet on the Eagles as -6.5 favorites with {URL=…}Sportsbook {/URL}, home of some of the best NFL underdog odds in the business. The Ravens fly into Pittsburgh on Sunday to take on the 3-0 Steelers. It’s been an amazing start to the season for the Steel Curtain and I expect defense to once again be the key to this game. The Jets showed that a team with a limited offense can push Baltimore close and that’s what Pittsburgh has right now with Charlie Batch at the helm.

Batch isn’t prone to making calamitous errors so I see a game-managing performance to keep the seat warm for Big Ben, with Pittsburgh focusing on moving the ball on the ground. Rashard Mendenhall has been a beast through three games, racking up 332 yards at an average of 5.2 yards per attempt. Pittsburgh will pound it on the ground and win.

Steelers Ravens Pick - Bet on the Steelers as -1.5 favorites to win big with {URL=…}Sportsbook {/URL} Chicago enters a possible trap-game this weekend with a road trip to the ailing Giants. After dominating a bad Carolina team, the Giants have looked awful in their subsequent games against Indianapolis and the Titans. The Bears meanwhile have rode their luck to a 3-0 record, including a Monday Night Football win over Green Bay. Luck only lasts so long however and I don’t see Chicago winning against a New York team with playoff caliber talent.

Bears Giants Picks - Bet on the Giants to win big with {URL=…}Sportsbook {/URL} Finally we turn to Monday Night Football and I have a question for New England fans; where’s your defense? No team with post-season aspirations concedes 30 points against the Bills. Sure the Patriots offense looks great but part of the game involves stopping the other guy scoring. After a tough loss to the Jets, I like Miami to grind out a win here.

Monday Night Football Pick - Bet on the Dolphins as +1.0 underdogs to win big with {URL=…}Sportsbook {/URL}