Most Money On The Pats So Far For Super Bowl 51

Super Bowl 51 is just a day away and the number still sits on the Patriots at -3 although you have to look around to see where the juice is. 

It's as high as -120 on the Pats -3 at one spot and same on the Falcons at another. But in general I am starting to hear that more Patriots money is coming in as the Super Bowl draws closer. ESPN Chalk reported one bettor slammed $1 million on the Falcons though at CT Technologies. 

Keep in mind that the vast majority of the money comes in on Super Bowl Sunday. In the past I've heard from books that anywhere from 60 to 80 percent of the money will come in on Sunday, so a lot can happen yet. 

I still don't think this line will move, though, as I've said in radio and TV appearances over the past two weeks. Treasure Island went to -3.5 in Las Vegas this week but that's the only one I've seen or heard about moving off the key number. 

The total is at 59 in Las Vegas and 58.5 at most online shops with a couple of 59s out there online also. That would make a 31-28 Pats win a rotten result for sportsbooks, who would have to refund every spread bet on a push and any of their bets at 59 on the total would also result in a push. 

Remember that sportsbooks are gamblers too and pushes are never a fun result for them. It's a lot of work for nothing, especially in the Super Bowl. 

As of Saturday afternoon, here's a look at where the action sits for Super Bowl 51 for the game and some props: 

Jay Kornegay, VP of sports at the Sportsbook Superbook Las Vegas 

Jay told me that New England money is starting to come in now that the weekend is here. The Superbook saw balanced action up to now but they have moved to Pats -3 (-120). 

Adam Burns, Odds Analyst for Sportsbook

Spread: 60% on Pats
ML: 52% Falcons
Total: 53% over
Anthem 2:09: 50-50 split

Adam also said LeGarrette Blount over 57.5 yards is getting 75% of the bets at Sportsbook on that prop but sharper money is on the under there.

Dave Mason, Sportsbook brand MAnager for Sportsbook

Spread: 72% of $ on Pats 
ML: 63% of $ on Pats
O/U: 64% on OVER 58

Mason said bettors are also hammering the 'safety' at Sportsbook as per usual for a Super Bowl. Just 6% on 'no safety'. Overtime is seeing a ton of action also with just 7% on 'no OT'. 

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