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NFC North Odds: Packers Remain Overwhelming Faves

Aaron Jones celebrates after scoring a touchdown for the Green Bay Packers.

At the start of the 2020 NFL season, the NFC North was projected to be one of the most wide-open divisions in football. But as we near the end of the campaign, it’s looking like the North is a one-horse race.

According to the latest odds at Bovada, the Green Bay Packers are the heavy -1400 favorites to claim the division this season. The Chicago Bears (+1100), Minnesota Vikings (+2200) and Detroit Lions (+7500) are well behind the green and gold.

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Odds To Win The NFC North In 2020
TeamCurrent OddsOpening Odds
Green Bay Packers-1400+150
Chicago Bears+1100+400
Minnesota Vikings+2200+170
Detroit Lions+7500+650

Odds as of November 25 at Bovada

Green Bay Packers: -1400 Odds To Win NFC North

Despite winning 12 games and making a run to the NFC championship game a year ago, the Packers weren’t expected to be true Super Bowl contenders in 2020. Most of that same team from a year ago returned and now the Packers have the best odds to win the NFC North at -1400 with a 7-3 record and in full control of the division.

Aaron Rodgers is having another MVP-caliber season, trailing only Patrick Mahomes and Russell Wilson in odds to win the MVP award. The Packers have lost three games, with two of the losses coming against top defenses in Tampa Bay and Indianapolis. Outside of Davante Adams and Aaron Jones, this team desperately lacks playmakers.

The front office chose not to give up draft capital at the trade deadline to improve their skill positions, and while it is almost certain the Packers will win the division, it will be tough for them to go far in the playoffs.

The defense is still a question mark, giving up 28 second-half points to the Colts last weekend and allowing the lowly Jaguars to put up 20 points in a close contest. The Packers play the Bears at home this weekend on Sunday night and if they win, they will pretty much lock up the NFC North.

Chicago Bears: +1100 Odds To Win NFC North

The Chicago Bears have hit a huge roadblock. After starting the season 5-1, they have lost their last four games and quarterbacks Nick Foles and Mitchell Trubisky are both nursing injuries. The offense has become incredibly lackluster, failing to put up more than 23 points in its last seven games.

The Bears have +1100 odds of winning the NFC North because they have a pretty tame schedule. They face the Packers twice, in Week 12 and Week 17, which will go a long way in determining the division, with the Lions, Houston Texans, Vikings and Jacksonville Jaguars in between.

Defensively, they are still among the league’s best, giving up 20.9 points (sixth) and 340.1 yards (ninth) per game. Low-scoring games have become routine with this Bears team and it will be extremely tough to win the division unless the offense turns the corner and can get things going.

Minnesota Vikings: +2200 Odds To Win NFC North

Minnesota has undoubtedly been a big disappointment, as questionable play-calling, ugly defense and poor quarterback play by Kirk Cousins has the Vikings on the verge of seeing their season slip away.

The Vikings suffered a crucial loss to the Dallas Cowboys last week and although they have a relatively easy schedule down the stretch, they still have to face the New Orleans Saints and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

At 4-6, there is still a path for them to win the division but it will rest solely on the shoulders of running back Dalvin Cook. If Cook can heat back up and have some big games, there is a possibility despite their +2200 NFC North odds that they can win the division.

Detroit Lions: +7500 Odds To Win NFC North

Sharing the same 4-6 record as the Vikings, it’s extremely improbable that the Lions will win the NFC North. Their odds to win the division are the lowest among the four teams at +7500 and for good reason.

The Lions are not a very good team and offensively they are missing their top weapon, Kenny Golladay, for a fourth straight game. They are near the bottom of the league in rushing yards per game and that hasn’t bode well for quarterback Matthew Stafford, who has been battling injuries for most of the campaign.

They have the 10th-worst strength of schedule with games against the Packers, Bears, Buccaneers and Tennessee Titans due up. For the Lions to win the division, they would have to win out to go 10-6 and hope that the Packers completely unravel.

How to Understand NFC North Odds

When you take a trip to any NFL sportsbook to make a futures bet – more on that later – you’ll notice the odds laid out the same way they are in the above table. Teams with a minus sign (-) preceding their odds are favorites. The rest are underdogs, which you can see because of the plus sign (+). However, when divisions are tight or there are no clear front-runners, the team with the lowest odds is considered the fave.

At -1400 you may like Green Bay and decide to throw $100 on them. If they did win the NFC North, you’d get a payout of $107.14 – your original $100 is returned along with your prize of $7.14. On the other hand, you could believe that the Vikings at +2200 are going to rise to the top. That same $100 on them would give you a payout of $2,300 – you get your $100 back coupled with your winnings of $2,200.

To see how much you’d win based on the amount bet and the odds offered, check out our Odds Calculator.

When oddsmakers set the lines they look at everything from past performances to roster moves to schedule. If a team is a +3500 underdog, it’s probably because they deserve to be. Don’t bet blindly on dogs without doing your research.

What is a Futures Bet for Football?

This is a bet you’d make weeks or even months in advance on which team you think has the best odds of winning the NFC North. Future betting lines are available early and if you see odds you like, it’s best to jump on them. The odds will shift as the season progresses, players succumb to injuries, trades happen, and teams climb or fall in the standings.