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Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been talking about the importance of examining the offensive line when handicapping the NFL here on OddsShark and in media appearances. 

It’s not a unique concept. But it's still one that gets overlooked far too often in a world where a player’s 31.25 fantasy points on Sunday is a more prominent discussion in mainstream media than wins and losses against the spread. 

Hopefully you’ve been taking notice of the O-lines because you’re up some money if you have been. 

The combined against the spread record for the top five offensive lines in the NFL – as rated by NFL.com through Week 12 – is 35-18-3. That’s an impressive cover rate of 66 percent against the spread for a profit of $1,381.85 if you’re betting $100 a game.  

On the other hand, the five worst offensive lines in the NFL are a combined 19-25-2 against the spread for a cover rate of just 43.2 percent. Betting on every one of their games would have added up to a loss of $772.71. 

This is just a reminder to keep an eye on offensive line injuries down the final stretch of the season and watch closely for a change in stats and performance in this area. Your bankroll will thank you for it.  

Here’s a look at how it breaks down by team: 

NFL's top five offensive lines: 

1. Raiders 7-4 ATS
2. Giants 5-4-2 
3. Steelers 6-5 
4. Redskins 8-3 
5. Cowboys 9-2-1

NFL's five worst offensive lines

32. Browns 2-10 ATS
31. Colts 5-5-1 
30. Cardinals 3-8 
29. Bengals 2-8-1 
28. Broncos 7-4

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