NFL Power Rankings For Week 5

For the second week in a row a new team takes over top spot in the power rankings, after the Steelers suffered their first loss of the season.

Fittingly, the team that beat them slides into the No. 1 position and they opened as 7-point favorites to retain their hold on that spot by beating the Broncos in Week 5.

See the Sportsbook Week 5 odds, see where there is a large spread between the point spread and the power ranking margins. You may have a good wager on your hands.

1. Baltimore (5) –  Joe Flacco and his late heroics push the Ravens to the top. They should stay there unless they completely blow it against Denver.

2. Green Bay (4)  - If Green Bay gets their offense consistently humming, watch out.

3. New Orleans (3) –  What we wrote for the Packers goes ditto for the Saints.

4. Pittsburgh (1) – A 3-1 record without Ben Roethlisberger would have sounded pretty good before the season started.

5. NY Jets (6) – That looked like LaDainian Tomlinson circa 2007 out there on Sunday.

6. Indianapolis (2) –  The Colts have lost to Jacksonville and Houston this season. Their AFC South streak looks to be in jeopardy.

7. New England (7) –  If the Randy Moss trade rumors are true what will become of the Patriots' passing game going forward?

8.  Houston (8) – Arian Foster doesn't need to play the first quarter to rush for 100+ yards.

9. Atlanta (10) –  The Falcons have won three straight, but that effort against San Francisco doesn't raise our confidence.

10. San Diego (15) – Philip Rivers to Antonio Gates is money. Expect a big withdrawal in Oakland on Sunday.

11. Dallas (12) –  Coming off their bye the Cowboys need to prove their breakout versus Houston wasn't a one-time thing.

12. Minnesota (13) – The Vikings kept the ship from sinking before their bye week, but it's still taking on water. Maybe Randy Moss can bail them out.

13. Kansas City (14) – The Chiefs are 3-0 coming out of their bye week. We still can't believe it either.


14. Cincinnati (19) – The Bengals got a big game from Carson Palmer and Terrell Owens but somehow lost to Cleveland?

15. Chicago (11) – If Jay Cutler's out for any amount of time the Bears' offense is in trouble.

16. Washington (18) – If the Redskins can beat the Packers this weekend then we'll start believing.  

17. Philadelphia (16) – If Philadelphia just became the Kevin Kolb Show they can likely kiss any chance at the playoffs goodbye.

18. (17) Miami – If the Dolphins are thinking about benching Chad Henne after only one bad performance they better get used to losing. Chad Pennington or Tyler Thigpen is not the answer.

19. NY Giants (24) – Do you think Ahmad Bradshaw will ever watch himself running on the stadium big screen again?

20. St. Louis (25) –  The Rams have won two in a row, doubling last season's win total.

21. Tennessee (19) – With three of their next four games on the road it could be a tough time to be a Titans fan in October.

22. Detroit (23) – What do the Lions need to do to get a win this season? Make less mistakes of course.

23. Seattle (20) –  We can't figure out which Seahawks are going to show up on a weekly basis anymore.

24. Arizona (21) – The Max Hall era begins in Arizona. Expect it to be a losing one, for now anyway.

25. San Francisco (22) – Can the 49ers sink any lower after a last-second loss last week. From preseason division favorites to 0-4 is a pretty big fall.

26. Denver (28) – Who needs to run the ball? Apparently not the Broncos after 50 passes versus Tennessee.

27. Jacksonville (29) – David Garrard and Jack Del Rio's jobs are safe for at least another week.

28. Oakland (24) – If Darren McFadden is hurt for any length of time it's real bad news for the Raiders.

29. Tampa Bay (27) – The Bucs are back from their bye, but they're still the Bucs so there you go.

30. Cleveland (30) – Peyton Hillis is a beast. Isn't that always the case with running backs who leave Denver?

31. Carolina (31) –  We told you the Panthers would beat the spread against New Orleans.

32. Buffalo (32) – The bye in Week 6 can't come soon enough in Buffalo.