NFL Prop Bets: New QBs take the field

Out with the old and in with the new seems to be the trend around the NFL this week as Denver, Minnesota, and Washington all hand over the reins to their backup quarterbacks this week. Sportsbook was quick to develop prop bets for these moves so that bettors can bet on each team’s new quarterback.

Here are the prop bets around those quarterback changes as well as a key game in the AFC South in Week 7.

It’s Tebow Time

The most popular backup quarterback in football finally gets his chance against Miami this week as the Denver Broncos bench Kyle Orton in favor of Tim Tebow. The dual-threat quarterback’s passing yards total is set at 180.5 and his rushing yards total is set at 45.5, with the “Over” and “Under” available for -115 each on both wagers. Totals are also set for touchdown passes (1.0) and interceptions (0.5), with the “Over” at -130 and the “Under” at +100 on both wagers.

Christian Ponder makes his first career start

With the season all but lost at 1-5, Minnesota has decided to move toward the future and bench Donovan McNabb for rookie Christian Ponder. The total for passing yards Sunday against Green Bay is set at 200.5, with the “Over” and the “Under” each available at -115. If you think that Ponder can get through the game without an interception, it pays nicely; the “Under” 0.5 interceptions is +240 while the “Over” 0.5 is -300.

John Beck also takes over

After a four-interception game, Rex Grossman has been benched in favor of John Beck, who will start on the road this week at Carolina. His passing yard total is set at 225.5 with the “Over” and “Under” each available at -115. Beck’s touchdown pass total is set at 1.5, with the “Over” at +145 and the “Under” at -175.

Will the Sportsbook of Houston at Tennessee win the AFC South?

The game between the two AFC South rivals has clear playoff implications, and this prop bet at Sportsbook gives bettors a chance to bet on whether or not Sunday’s Sportsbook will be the AFC South champion. Betting “Yes” is -170, while betting “No” is +140. Tennessee is currently 3-2 and Houston is currently 3-3.