NFL Props: Tebow, Johnson Wagers

While there are plenty of big games this Sunday, one of the most interesting is the AFC West rivalry game between the Denver Broncos and Oakland Raiders. Both Tim Tebow and Carson Palmer had disastrous outings in their last games, so all eyes will be on the quarterbacks in this one.

Here’s a look at some prop bets over at Sportsbook involving those two quarterbacks and some other action around the NFL.

Tim Tebow Time running out?

Tim Tebow was awful in Denver’s 45-10 loss to Detroit and has people wondering whether or not he should be starting. Judging by the odds, Sportsbook isn’t expecting him to fare much better this week; the Over-Under for his completion percentage is 50%, with the “Under” as the favorite at -130 (the “Over” is +100). The Over-Under on total passing yards is 165.5, with both the “Over” and “Under” available at -115.

Carson Palmer fresh off the bye week

With a full two weeks to prepare, Carson Palmer claims he’s ready to run Oakland’s offense; and with Darren McFadden out, he’s going to need to be. The Over-Under on Carson Palmer's completion percentage is set at 58% and total passing yards is set at 220.5, with the “Over” and the “Under” both available at -115 on both wagers.

Will Chris Johnson’s woes continue?

Last week, Chris Johnson had another awful game, eventually losing carries to backup Javon Ringer. This week, you can bet on who will get more carries against Cincinnati; Chris Johnson -5 (-115) or Javon Ringer +5 (-115). You can also bet on whether Johnson will finish the season with Over (+100) or Under (-130) 3.7 yards per carry. Johnson is currently averaging 2.8 yards per carry.

Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh physicality

Whenever the Steelers and Ravens meet in this hated rivalry, the hits and physicality are always dialed up a few notches. Prop bettors at Sportsbook this week can bet on who will have more sacks; Baltimore -1 (-130) or Pittsburgh +1 (+100). You can also bet on how many 15-yard penalties there will be; Over 1.5 (-140) or Under 1.5 (+100).