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Through the first three weeks of the NFL season plenty of intriguing storylines have developed, including questions about Michael Vick’s durability and Tom Brady’s four-interception collapse last week.

The sportsbooks have taken many of those hot-button topics and turned them into prop bets.

Here’s a look at some of the props attached to those key questions everyone’s asking over at [custom:bodog-link].

Will Michael Vick survive this week’s game without an injury?

Vick has left each of the last two games he has started with an injury. [custom:bodog-link] believes that streak will end this week, making the odds that he gets pulled at any point due to injury in Sunday’s game the underdog at +175. The odds he does not get pulled due to injury are -250.

How many interceptions will Tom Brady have this season?

Last season, Tom Brady threw only four interceptions all season; he matched that total last week, bringing his season total to five. [custom:bodog-link] has the over-under set at 14.5, with both sides available at -115.

Will Chad Ochocinco be a Patriot all season?

Chad Ochocinco has been a complete non-factor in New England’s offense this season as he has had difficulty getting adapted to the new playbook. Dropping a sure touchdown last week against Buffalo has fueled rumors he might get waived. [custom:bodog-link] has set the odds that he will be a Patriot all season at -300, and that he’ll get cut or traded at +200.

Will Chris Johnson rush for 100 yards this week?

The negative effects of his holdout seem to be wearing on Chris Johnson, who doesn’t have a 100-yard rushing game this season through three games. [custom:bodog-link] asks when he will get his first 100-yard game, offering this week against Cleveland at +200 or Week 5 or later at -300.

How many more double-digit leads will the Minnesota Vikings blow?

Minnesota has blown a double-digit lead in each of its first three games this season. How many more times will that happen in 2011? The line is set at 1.5, with the over available at +130 and the under at -170.