Nover: Taylor Prop Didn't Quite Pay Out

It's a strong statement, but I'll go ahead and make it: Tyrod Taylor is more dangerous than Cam Newton. Both quarterbacks are highly mobile, excellent runners. Taylor gets the edge because he has superior skill position weapons.

Before preseason you wouldn't dare to make a Newton-Taylor comparison without getting laughed out of the room. Few could envision Taylor beating out veteran Matt Cassel and former Bills No. 1 draft pick EJ Manuel for the starting spot. Many thought Taylor wouldn't even make the team let alone be named the starter.


One bettor put his money where his mouth is. He found an offshore sportsbook with a prop on who would be the Bills' Sportsbook day starter. The gambler bet Taylor at plus $3.25.

Congratulations would be in order except for one small thing - the bettor lost on the prop. His wager was graded a loser. How did that happen?

Talk about bad beats. Blame it on Rex. Bills coach Rex Ryan decided to get fancy on the Bills' first play from scrimmage against Indianapolis last Sunday. The Bills ran some sort of wildcat formation with Taylor flanking out wide instead of being behind center, or taking a snap from the shotgun.

It was Cassel and LeSean McCoy in the backfield. McCoy got the ball and proceeded to lose six yards. The Bills went back to their normal offense on the next play with Taylor at quarterback. That's where he was Sportsbooked the rest of the game.

Know Exactly What You Are Betting

Still, the damage had been done to the bettor's wager. Because of that first play, the box score showed Cassel as being the starting quarterback.

The prop rule clearly stated that results are based on official stats from the game. Official stats are provided by They listed Cassel as the starter due to where he was positioned on the very first play. So as unfair as it may seem, the book did grade the prop correctly. The bettor accepted that without protest.

Those who took Cassel on the prop lucked out. Those who had Taylor learned a tough lesson: Know exactly what you are betting.