Nover: Teaser Betting Paid Big at Books

When it comes to the NFL, oddsmakers have hurt themselves by actually doing too good of a job. This is most evident when it comes to teaser betting. A teaser bet being a parlay of at least two straight bets where each individual line is stretched by six, 6.5 or seven points laying added juice.

During the Divisional Round of the playoffs it was estimated Las Vegas Sportsbooks lost high six-figures on teasers. That's because 15 of the 16 teaser options during the four Saturday and Sunday games won on both ends, including 8-0 on the sides. The only teaser loser was Seattle-Carolina Under when 55 points were scored. This just shows how extra sharp NFL lines are especially during the playoffs when they are at their tightest.

Teaser Sides Paying Out in Divisional Round

Teaser sides in the Divisional Round are now 19-5 during the past three years. One property, Sportsbook Palace, has had enough. They threw in the towel not accepting teasers during this past Sunday's Conference Championship games.

That decision did not sit well with the betting community, which deemed it extremely short-sighted and an extreme overreaction to a small sample.

Wise guys know how to manipulate teasers to their advantage. The secret is keying on the important numbers of 3, 4, 6 and 7. Recreational bettors - the kind Sportsbook Palace attracts - aren't that sophisticated about teasers. They'll cover worthless numbers when playing teasers such as plus one, zero and minus one giving the house a major advantage.

Sportsbooks Not in Business to Lose Money

Sportsbooks aren't in business to lose money. Understood. But a wiser decision by them would be to raise the vigorish on two-team playoff teasers rather than just cut them off. Some books no longer even take two-team teaser bets. It has to be a minimum of a three-teamer. Still, even that is better than just taking your ball and going home.

These are options sportsbook directors are considering. Don't be surprised if changes occur come next playoff season. The days of laying $1.20 on a two-team, six-point teaser could rapidly become a thing of the past.